Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chip Leader Gone

Caitlin: You know, I bet this is why your second wife came after you with a nine iron, isn't it. You just refused to sit down and... talk things through.
Gibbs: Actually, that wasn't it at all.
Caitlin: Oh? So what was it, then?
Gibbs: A seven iron.

I'm a big fan of NCIS, and after getting season 1 on DVD it is a nightly ritual in our house now to watch an episode or two before going to sleep. Once we run out of these episodes, we'll move on to Law and Order Criminal Intent.

Australian Idol started last week, and I didn't even know about it – thanks to all the free DVD's from PSO! That is why free shit is awesome.

After talking about how much I was enjoying my afternoon poker playing, I had one of the most extraordinary tournament experiences ever. It started out well, when I hit top set (pocket 9's) on the third hand of the tournament and had a TPTK go all-in, thus doubling me up. On the very next hand, Pocket 10's did just about the same thing. Three hands after that, pocket 4's sucked out on QQ and I am sitting in first in front of the 180-odd players left.

I then got to play bully for the next hour, and any hand I was in meant an all-in for all the short stacks around me – and pretty much everyone was a short stack. If I hit something, they never had enough chips to push me off, and they kept calling me to see if I was bluffing (and I wasn't, I had no need to).

Then on one hand, it all changed. With one player all in, I hit my straight on the turn and checked it to see if I could get the other player to bet. He didn't, and the river counterfeited my straight, putting 6789T on the board. I checked, and he put out a big bet. I decided it was too easy for him to have the Jack, so I folded. He had two pair (obviously counterfeited also) and they split the pot. Not a big loss for me, but that was the last chance at winning a pot I had.

From then on, I lost every dominating hand I had. AJ flopped two pair against KQ, that turned the Ten. AA was beaten by T7, AK beaten by A3. On and on it went, it was getting stupid. Every time I put the other player all in, I would have a 75% advantage or better, usually better, but nothing came down for me. Before long I had lost 8 in a row (not consecutive hands), and I was below the average in chips. I was then forced to go all in with K9c, with a flush draw, straight draw and an over card. I got called by JT with second pair, and none of my outs came so I was out in 80 th or there abouts.

Thing is, with the awesome start, I knew I was never going to last until the end. I didn't change my range of hands or anything, I still played as tight as I would have if I was even in chips, I just kept on getting playable hands, hitting and then missing. It became very frustrating to say the least.

Couple that with I just lost a massive pot on the cash table when I was stupid (couldn't fold TPTK, deserve what you get) and my happy times were drowned with an empty stack. At the same time, a check for another recent cash out arrived, and that went straight onto bills here, and then on the weekend we had our Tax done so more of the B&M poker account took a hit to pay some more for that – and I am left with about ¼ of the bankroll I had a week ago. On the bright side though, a lot of bills have been paid and it has freed up The Distraction and I to start paying off more bills, meaning that our net worth my be leaving the negatives within the next 12 months. Wouldn't that be a shock to our system?

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