Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Biggest Night Ever

Kimmie: I should let you know that Mr Heiss will only be available to meet for about five minutes, so we should hurry up and cut to the point. Um, and speak in short sentences because he has the attention span of a ferret on crystal meth.

While it may seem a little silly for me to make comment on a movie 12 months after it was released, I only just got around to seeing domino on the weekend. I didn't read any reviews before but the general idea and feel of the movie seemed to suggest spending the $6 on a rental was worth it. Sadly, that was wrong. This was just a terribly made movie for so many reasons. The most annoying was the constant voice over from the titular character, which was overused, grating and also redundant and misleading in many occasions. Lets have a few examples of why the voice over, and the entire script in general, just didn't have a chance.

Domino Harvey: That's my best friend. His name is Choco. He's always fancied me, but is too shy to ever do anything about it.

These voice overs are apparently told in retrospect from Domino as she is being questioned by the FBI. This first quote says that Choco never tried to do anything about his "fancy", but 90 minutes later they are engaged in a drug-fuelled romp in the desert.

Domino Harvey: That's our driver Alf. He's from Afghanistan. He once ate a cat. We can't understand how to pronounce his fucking name so we just call him the cat eating alien.

First off, the driver Alf comes out of nowhere. He wasn't a part of their rag-tag group, then all of a sudden he was. Secondly, they never call him the cat eating alien in the entire movie save for this voice over. They call him Alf. It's pretty easy to pronounce.

Domino Harvey: If you're wondering what's true and what isn't, fuck off, because it's none of your goddamn business!

It is my business. I paid $6 for it. And I have a fair idea what is true and what isn't. But this comes across more as an excuse for why so much of the story line seems messed up and doesn't make sense. Excuses are not really a reason for forgiveness in this case.

Anyway, having a quick look today around the place, it looks like it did not fare well with the critics or the audience, so I guess that seems about right. It just really got to me because I was hoping for a good movie and after 15 minutes I knew I was in for a bad one. At least it was only a rental.

Going through my recent poker results, I found out I had a clean month for Novmeber – no down sessions at all, which was fantastic also considering I played every weekend in November. To back up with this, the first weekend in December has already eclipsed that mark and then some with a massive result on this past Saturday night. Before I hit a cold run of cards for the final 3 hours of the night, I was up over 11 buy-ins. I finished the night up nearly 8.

When I go through the hands in my head I can't recall any monster hands, or any more than one full house on the night (and that was on a double paired board, split pot). I just had good hands that people were drawing against and they were not hitting. I had one bad beat for the night, but I was up by then so it did not concern me at all.

At the suggestion of the host, we also had a jackpot hand every hour. For this, everyone would throw in $5 and then the hand would be dealt open, the winner pocketed the pot. I thought this might get a bit silly, but in the end it worked out really well and got kind of exiting when it all came down to the last card with 8 runners still having a chance. It was something that you could look forward to even when you were getting bad cards and not playing many hands. I think it will now become a regular occurrence at our home games.

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TripJax said...

Damn dude...a $6 rental. You gotta get yo ass on the NetFlix plan!

Thanks for the heads-up...I'll be avoiding that movie...