Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pakistan Poker

The Caller: You'd shoot me if you had the chance, wouldn't you?
Stu: With a big fucking smile on my face.
The Caller: There's the spirit.
"Phone Booth"

For the first time in quite a while, I had no poker over the weekend as we instead made a trip to see a friend out of town. Not much excitement there really but it was nice none the less. She has just moved in with her new boyfriend, and as the Distraction, another female friend and I were driving down, they wondered if he would be into poker? I said he's Texan, it's a given that he loves poker. Sure enough I was right, but it still wasn't good enough to get a game going, mores the pity.

I have had a bit of a chance to rekindle my interest in online poker, but I have been getting my ass handed to me on that one. Maybe I am being too timid or I am just getting caught in bad situations, but I just can't seem to win a hand and every time I have a vulnerable hand, there is a big bet in front of me, or over the top of me. More often over the top it seemed. Bad play, bad cards or a combination of both, results have been disappointing as of late.

Results in SNG's have been slightly better, although a bit of a cold run as far as the cards are concerned as well but not much you can do about that. Maybe playing so many live SNG's as of late, and not as much cash games, has changed my play so that my preferred game (cash) is not as strong as it once was. Should sort this out soon lets hope.

Been spending some time of late playing Oblivian on the Xbox 360. Not a bad game, certainly looks good and has a heaps of choices, but I wouldn't call it the masterpiece that everyone has been rating it, but that is just an opinion. I don't know why, but in these type of games without trying I always have my character lean towards a thief. I guess there is something in my nature or inner desires that wants to live the life of a thief – or at least the Hollywood ideal of a master thief. Go figure.

I hate that saying "Go Figure". No idea why I used it.

Some dude in Pakistan created an uproar this week, when it came time to pay a 10 year old poker debt. Problem being when he was playing ten years ago (no doubt before he had seen Rounders) he lost a hand and subsequently offered his infant daughter as payment for the debt. The debt was about 10,000 rupees, or nearly $200 Australian.

That means for the same price I bought the Distraction's Ipod last year, I could have got one and a half Pakistani girls.

A work colleague mentioned that 5 years ago, this story would not have even made the news, but now that poker is everywhere not only is it in the news, it was the most read story on the Sydney Morning Herald website yesterday.

Now most of you are probably thinking what I am thinking – what was the hand? Was it a bad beat or was he trying to draw to the flush? Methinks the flush.


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