Monday, July 16, 2007

My Old Friend - Tilt-Jack

Morty: He's always chasing the pot of gold, but when he gets there, at the end of the day, it's just corn flakes.

A busy social calendar over the weekend meant no live poker, but I did manage a big session online during the early hours of Saturday. I proceeded to get dealt bad cards, see bad flops and then play them badly – which all of course ended badly. I could not hold on to a buy in if I tried, and then got on massive tilt and headed to the blackjack tables. Two hands later when the dealer busted both times, and all of a sudden tilt is over. I don't think I'll be making a habit of that though.

That was about the extent of my poker week, besides me and a friend doing our best to sort out all the problems with the WSOP. A few years ago, we would both follow the main even just about hand for hand. Last year we would only check in now and then to see what was happening, and this year we just don't really care all that much at all. What was once the jewel in the Poker crown is now just another tournament for us who watch. I'm sure it is different for those involved and whoever wins, but really it isn't what it used to be. I would like to join the chorus of people calling for the entry fee to be doubled at least. We adopted the official "Knock down, rebuild" approach for the WSOP.

I do think though that some steps have been taken in the right direction. The $50K Horse event is a good idea introduced last year. Making the various World Champion events clearer was also a good idea, but basically 50-odd bracelets given out each year is a bit much. The WC events should be something special above a normal bracelet event, and I hope they are treated that way from now on.

But anyway, we are nearing the end of the main event for another year and still some big names remain. I wonder if this year will be the first time since Chris Ferguson that the ME winner's bracelet will not be their first? That would be a good thing for poker, as the bubble is finally bursting to have some of the recognised pros come to the front.

That was poker – most of the weekend just past was spent looking at our fish tank, which now has its first inhabitants. 10 little Neon Tetras, which we have called our Canaries – because they are there to make sure the environment is safe for others. If they can last out the week, we will start adding new fish and get something a little more diverse. The 10 little fish are well dwarfed by the size of the tank, and it took them a few hours before they were comfortable enough to venture further than the back corner. When we awoke this morning, all 10 were still alive so that is all we can ask for at the moment.

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