Monday, August 06, 2007

Bad Poker, Bad!

Droz: We need kegs. Multiple, cold and domestic.
"PCU Pit Party"

In back to back weeks, I have had the worst results of my poker playing career. The most recent wasn't even close, as all night I was lucky to hit a pair at the best of times. It started with getting big pairs cracked back to back real early on and then went down hill from there. There were no real bad beats until I was already 4 buy-ins down, it was just poor starting hands that never hit, draws that never came and ok hands that got out-flopped. I won 7 hands in an 8 hour session, and 3 of them were bluffs – none of them on big hands either.

There is nothing more I can say about it really, even my friend sitting next to me couldn't believe how bad it was. After loosing 5 buy-ins, I ran back through everything in my head and I thought I had played only one hand wrong all night – when I thought I had hit a straight but I had mistaken an 9 in my hole cards for a 8. Besides that, I played very well but just had no chances at any pots.

And it continued online, except the money lost was bigger and there were plenty of bad beats. KK lost 4 out of 5 times, the final was against T9 on a ten high flop – 9 came on the turn. This was against a player who previously made a horrible call against two others who were already all-in. He had a Jack high flush draw up against a flopped set and an Ace high flush draw, and he hit a runner-runner flush for a 4-buy in pot.

It is frustrating again to see when I get "lucky" which seems increasingly rare, I save $20. When the player to my left or right gets lucky, they make $600.

But poker is not everything, and some drastic changes are in the mix. More on this later and I apologize for not writing more but there are some pressing matters that need attention and I will elaborate on this in a future post. Rest assured, it will be documented here in the coming weeks.

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