Friday, July 23, 2004

Sinking sailors

I'm not going to post daily on this blog, but since it is still new and my enthusiasm is up, I will for now.
Had a few quick games last night on Bugsy Club, and I managed to add another 8 cents worth of points to my tally. The Aloha tournament was juts awful. 17 folds in a row. Not one bet, not one raise, not one call. 17 folds. That is mind blowing. In those 17 hands, I had one picture card (It was the mighty Queen of spades herself. My, what a woman.). When on the 18th hand I had K7h, I was all in out or bordem. My small stack of $280 was quickly eaten up by a pair of Jacks on the river. I was playign with some maor annoyances in the background, so it was probably not going to be my best game regardless of the cards.
But like I said, I did manage to add some Bugsy Bonus Points to my account. With my grand 15 points, I can now enter single table tournaments for 1 point or 10 point, with the chance to win 10 tens that amount. Causiously, I am only going in the 1 point tables at the moment. I don't think many of the other players took these games as seriously as I did. Could you blame them? The grand prize was 10 cents! Hardly worth the time when you think about it (so I didn't think about it). But I'm on a mission.
Here is my gripe today: I had pocket Jacks and went all in on one hand, and was followed by another player who had ATh. The flop came ATx, then x, then the river was the J I needed to win. No big deal, small pot really in the sceme of things but the other player posted a message along the lines of "If it wasn't for that lucky river...". I don't get it. If it wasn't for that "lucky"  ace on the flop, he wouldn't have been in the hunt. I knew I had only 2 outs on the river, and he was well ahead on the flop, but he was really pissed that he lost it on the river. I don't get it - it wasn't like he had a monster in two pair. You know why they put five cards out in the middle of the table? So you can use all of them. ANY of them! I know I get annoyed too when I get beaten by the last card, but this guy really went off. Like I had no right to win because he was ahead after the flop. The river is there for a reason - you either sink or swim. I'm allowed to use it.  I've had my bad beats on it too - but when your stack is gone the only things you can blame are the cards and yourself.
 And there is NOTHING you can do about the cards.

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