Monday, July 26, 2004

Square One

That's all I can say over the cold run I was having over the weekend. You could not get a worse run if you tried. Looking over the stats, in one game on Aloha I had no calls, no bets, no raises, 22 folds. That's just wrong. I couldn't even protect the blinds. Eventually, I was down to my last chip and went all in with some crap like 93o, which was pretty standard for the night. But this continued onto other tables for me...Again and again. I pulled 1 pot our of 128 and my miniscule winnings from the week were gone. Just like that. I can not re-interate enough just how bad this run was. I had not one picture card for 7 single table tournaments. I had 4 and other low card on 8 consecutive hands - I was beginning to question how many fours were in the pack. This run was devastating, and from now on will forever be referred to as "Uranga" - an African beast with powers of frost that are un-matchable.
All 23 cents gone in one weekend. Well, I guess it is back to square one and onward we go.
I did say when I had the points before that this was my "first" start. So I knew I would probably loose it all some time, I was just hoping to have a little longer to play with it.
The best thing about having those points, as miniscule as they were, was that I could play a real money game anytime. Now with my bankroll back at $0 (where it never left really), I have to wait for the scheduled free-rolls again.
Maybe No-limit isn't best for me? I think it is the most fun, and at these low levels limit games tend to get capped on every round of betting - making it a bit of a joke. I think I need no-limit for now and move on to limit when there is more than $1 on the line. For now, we go back to the freerolls with the rest of the Rounder wanna-be's!
After loosing all I had, and going through the worse run of cold cards in my life I needed to went some, so I entered a free roll tournament with no prize but the pleasure of winning. I don't do these tournaments very often anymore because they do not contribute to my challenge, but I needed an outlet and I decided to play this game very aggressive - I had to, I wasn't getting the cards to play super tight.
I got a little lucky with some sets and steeling a few pots, and before I knew it I was up amongst the leaders around $70K (start at $10K). Flopped a nice straight with KQo in hand and Jh Tc Ad on the felt, and went all in. I was followed by one player on $40K who had 9c3c. Well, I wouldn't be telling this story unless it went bad, and the turn was 6c, river Jc. A Jack high straight took the wind out of my sails, and I was playing against that one player from then on. That's no way to play, let alone the terrible mood I was in due to "Uranga", so I was out not long after that. But the purpose had been served. I had a few good starting hands (even pocket Kings, I was most proud.) and got that ll out of my system, so here we go again...

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