Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Rusty: Holy crap, Wayne Newton's hittin' on Mom!
Clark Griswold: It's all part of the act, Russ.
"Vegas Vacation"

What can I say, I'm a fan of the Griswolds. Not many people liked the forth installment, but I did for whatever reason. And I don't really like Chevy Chase - go figure.

I have lost count of how many write ups I have read about the WPBT event in Vegas over the last few days. Jealousy is runnign through my veins like you wouldn't believe. Everybody has a differnent perspective on the time spent in Sin City, I felt like I was there anyway. I wonder how many times the people where drinking it up and rasing the hammer, all the time thinking "I can't wait to blog about this!" Or perhaps such peril thoughts never even entered the ever-inebriated mind of the poker faithful present.

I have one full day of work left before I leave for Melbourne to meet up with the whole family for Christmas. Man, am I looking forward to that. besides all the obvious reasons surounding Xmas, this will also be the first time I will see my family since I got engaged. This means there will be lots of wedding talk (which I have become used to) and showing off of the ring so on and so forth. But it also means I get to show off one of the coolest engagment
present ever. I can't wait to tell mum to just push the button because it says funny stuff and then see the look on her face when the volts go through. Tormenting my dear mother is fun, espeically around Xmas time.

The Blackjack gods have gone mad. Firstly, after my little rebellion last time at the table, I went back yesterday to get a few more hands in to meet the WR. After about an hour I was down to $210 and had enough for now. Later on I had to go back online for something else and I thought I would just check in for a little while to show the others in the house what the program looks like and how I am going with it. Very first hadn I get dealt blackjack! This is good, because I have been keeping track of the blackjacks for me and the dealer (part of my ongoing investigation into how ever online gambling and poker site is rigged when I loose and legit when I win). So far the dealer has recieved blackjack 128 times. I have received blackjack 47 times. Out of that, 15 have been a push. That's a little lopsided methinks. Anyway, in this one session, I hit it 4 times to his none. I has happy. It was an amazing little run for 30 minutes that I played. I would sit on 14, and he would bust insted of drawing 2's and 3's until 17 like it had been for so long. When I doubled on 11, I got a picture card to make me look good. Eventually I stopped when I hit $250, and around $550 short of the WR. This looks like being a good little venture now, hopefully I can cash out about $200 in the nest few days. Oh, and my roomate also commented on the more than ample cleavage of the dealer. It's funny, because there is absolutely no need for it what so ever, yet somebody has taken the time to give you the option of a male dealer in a three peice suit or a female dealer in a cocktail dress giving her visual display of the prowess of her surgeon. Why? Seriously, this sprite would not look out of place in a Lesuire Suit Larry game.

Either way, the blackjack games are a nice little change from poker, which it is getting harder and harder to find the time to play. I'm not giving up by any means, and when I read every one else's blogs I still get that little itch that makes me want to run out and play right now. I still enjoy playing poker, I just won't have the time for a proper tournament run (at the right level) until early next year. We had a few hands on the weekend in a live game at home (free play only), and after a while it degenerated into a "Chinese Poker" game. At least that's what I think it is called - it's when you get dealt only one card and you put it on your head so everyone else can see it but you then bet wit hthe high card wining. Not only do you need a good poker face to win this game, but everyone else needs one too. On about the third hand, my future sister-in-law looks at my future wife and immeidately folds. Stevie Wonder could have seen that tell. Of course, she had an ace and every one else folded. One poor guy at the table had nothing above a five for about 10 hands. Ever time he thought he was due a good card, he bet big and everyone laughed. Another great tell, and he looked at his 2 of clubs with disgust. It was a great waste of an hour or so, and by then the alocohol was working it's magic.

52 little peices of plastic. Who would have thought they could mean so much fun?

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