Friday, July 22, 2005

Heafy's Honeymoon Classic

Kevin Lomax: God damnit, what did you do to my wife?
John Milton: Well, on a scale of one to ten... ten being the most depraved act of sexual theatre know to man... one being your average Friday night run-through at the Lomaxes' household... I'd say, not to be immodest, Mary Ann and I got it on at about... seven.
"Devil's Advocate"

Ok boys and girls, we finally have the details set for "Heafy's Honeymoon Classic"!

August 6th, 8.30pm EST for our North American friends, or August 7th about 10am for the Aussies.

Poker Rewards! Please use the links on this website! Look under private tables and search for table named "Heafy" - I should already be enrolled in the tournament there.

The site is pretty decent and has good numbers - plenty of European fish swimming these waters, even I can take advantage of them! I believe it is a Prima site.

Fiji. We really want to go to Vanuatu but I thought that would be much harder to remember and to spell.

It's a $20 + $2 MTT, No limit holdem as always.

Well it's a poker tournament, so it will be for fun won't it? Truth be known, I need to raise some cash for the honeymoon that my lovely Distraction so depseratly wants and needs. I know it's not a very worthy cause or anything, but hey it's a poker tournament and should be fun regardless. You need to deposit a minimum of $50 for the affliate to work, but $400 will give you the entire bonus.

I'm not taking any of the entry fees out of the prize pool, I will only make money through affliates so please sign up through the links on this site. Poker Rewards does have some pretty weird banners to sign up with - take this one for instance:

If you are already a member of poker rewards then you are still welcome to play of course, no sense on missing out on the fun!

Ok guys and girls, I've been very open and honest about this and I am asking for help getting as many people signed up as possible. The tournament is open to bloggers, readers, homeless people with wireless connection, everyone and anyone!

I'm hoping to get at least 20 people signed up for this, but if I exceed all expectations and reach 50 there will be more money added to the prize pool!

Bring a friend, bring many friends! If you've ever been married then relate to my situation. If you've ever been divorced, grant me this last day of happiness. If you've never been married then just bloody sign up and play a poker tournament damn it!

A big thanks goes to the helpfull bloggers who gave me advice on setting up the tournament, it just goes to show what kind of a community we are a part of.

Wish me luck! Oh, and here's another banner!

Also, if you don't have an account at Pacific Poker, sign up through my link on the side. I'd be happy to make it worth you time *wink* if you email me. If I get more than 20 people using this link, I will run a free roll tournament for at least $1K!

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