Monday, October 10, 2005


Peter Griffin: Save your money, Tucker. This place doesn't have porn. You know, that really grinds my gears. Where in the bible does it say that a man can't fire off some knuckle-children in the privacy of his own neighbour’s living room while his neighbour’s at work because I don't have a DVD player? Well, I don't know where it says it because the Bible was way too long to read!
”The Family Guy: Stewie Griffin, the Untold Story.”

Life is pretty hectic at the minute. So many major events have occurred in such a short amount of time. It is now 6 days until I have my Distraction upgraded from fiancĂ© to wife. She has already left to make the final arrangements in the city we are getting married in, so I have the last few days of my single life to deal with. I drank beer, played X-Box and poker. If life has more to offer than that, then I don’t want to know about it.

Also, last Thursday I was offered a new job. Bigger company, more money, better conditions – you get the picture. It’s funny, my current job was my first “proper” job – by that I mean my first full-time job. All my other jobs were part time or vacation work. In the interview to gain this position, I basically did nothing. I had been to a heap of interviews at the time, but the one where I hardly got a word in and the only questions I had to answer were about my hometown. This second time round, I again had been to lots of interviews, even multiple interviews at some places, but the job I get I really didn’t have to try hard for. I felt like they had already pencilled me in before I stepped through the door. All the others, I researched the company, articulated cover letters for my resume, worked hard to answer all their questions and sell myself, I gets nothin’. Funny how life works some times.

Getting a new job is a lot like getting a new girl friend – sooner or later, you have to let the old one go. I thought it best to get it out of the way first thing the next morning, Friday morning. Get it out of the way, and deal with the awkwardness of four weeks notice as you have to. I’ve psyched myself up for it, but unfortunately the boss was out for the morning and wouldn’t be back until lunch time. Then, my duties called for me to do a field visit to one of our sites, 2 hours drive away. By the time all of that got sorted, I was back in the office a few hours before closing time for the week. I had re-psyched myself, and whenever he was alone in his office I would go in and hand over my letter. I’m not trying to burn any bridges here, I have nothing to gain from that.

Just before I go to his office, he orders everyone down stairs to reception. This is quite common, and usually means it is someone’s birthday and we are singing happy birthday and having some cake. I sat down and waiting to find out who it was, when the boss came walking down the stairs carrying a big basket full of goodies. This is not what normally happens when it’s someone’s birthday, but I’ve never been at this company when someone gets married…

It was a fantastic gift basket, with picture frames, premium brand bath towels, champagne and champagne glasses. Not the cheap stuff either. Wow, what a prick I felt like standing there saying thanks and feeling genuinely surprised and impressed – all the time with a resignation letter in my pocket. An hour later I finally plucked up the courage to do what I had to do, all the time apologising for my poor timing. My boss starting laughing, seeing the funny side of the whole situation. Besides, there is so much more going on in the company (and the company lawyers) to keep them busy, me leaving isn’t such a big deal. To add farther to the situation, during my four weeks notice period, I had 2 weeks booked for holidays for the wedding and honeymoon. Kind of bad timing, but those holidays were booked 8 months ago so it’s not like I’m trying this out of spite or anything.

Just an amazing time – quit my job last Friday, getting married this Saturday, off to the honeymoon overseas (my first time using my passport) a few days later, moving house once we get back and then finally starting a new job. There are some major life changes involved there.

I also managed to play some life and online poker during this time, but that can wait until next post.

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