Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Going To The Chapel And We're...

Luke: No regrets, that's my motto. Well... that and everyone Wang Chung tonight.
”Out Cold”

Not a bad little movie that one.

Had a good session last night, up about $90 on the night but still down overall since logging on to Titan. I had 74o in the big blind flop two pair and get paid off when I went all in on the turn – not my finest move, as really I was only going to get called by a better hand. Well, somebody did call and who knows what he held because bottom two pair was good enough and he mucked. Then I pulled a first in a $10 + $1 6-max SNG when I felt in control the entire time. There were quite a few suck outs in this game, but what was funny was the amount of times I was allowed to draw to a gut shot for free, hit it and then realise that my opponent was drawing to the exact same hand. Oh well, what can you do?

And then that was it – I’m done with poker for probably the rest of the month. Today is my last day at work for the month too – when I come back, I will have only 5 days left at my current employer before a new adventure in my career begins. It is highly unlikely that this blog will be updated in that time, and as such it is highly unlikely that I will be able to keep up on my reading of others. I hope that when I return I will be smart enough to buy in to some penny tables first, just because I will be itching for a game for so long that it’s best not to risk too much. Just as a side note, this is now post number 150. What a journey it has been already.

The time table goes a little like this – Tomorrow 4.30am, we leave for the airport, then we hire a bus and take a six hour drive to my home town. In the night the girls have a second hens night so all the men are heading to the pub. Well, we were headed there anyway, at least now they all have an excuse. Friday will be a quick set up at the reception then a little tourist activity for all the visitors to the fine city. I have to make a trip to the jeweller to make sure the rings are all fine. Friday night more than likely will be back at the pub. Saturday morning we have an 8am tee-off, then we’ll head to the TAB (bookies run by the government) because it is the second biggest race day in Australia that day, and we have some real horse racing fans at the wedding.

The wedding itself is on in the afternoon and of course the reception to follow. Sunday will be a recovery day at my Grandparents house, sampling the nearly 1000 strong home brew stash Pop has been working on since he retired. Monday we make our way home and then Tuesday we are off on our Honeymoon.

So I guess this is me signing off for the next few weeks, and when I return I will be full of vigour, filled to the brim with stories to tell and ready for some poker.

After all, I’ll still be playing just as much poker when I’m married, right?

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ScurvyDog said...

Congrats on the new job and, you know, that whole getting married thing. It's a good time, despite all the impending hustle and/or bustle.