Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You Deserved That

Winston Boyko : Hey Chaz, you feeling ok?
Charles Schine: Yeah, I'm ok.
Winston Boyko: You sure? You look like you comin' down with that bug or somethin'.
Charles Schine: It's nothing.
Winston Boyko: Nothing? That's what Dick Lumberg said.
Charles Schine: Who's Dick Lumberg?
Winston Boyko: Nobody. That mother fucker's dead!


I have really got to stop spitting right in the face of fate. After last week noting that every time I post about a good run, I immediately start a bad one, I made good on that unintentional promise to myself by going on the worst run of my poker playing career. Down 6-7 buy ins in 2 sessions, and never being in front for any of it. Like the old saying goes, I found new ways to loose. Couldn't hit a hand, and when I did I lost to the predictable draws and some unbelievable ones too. The worst of it was QJ on a QQJ flop that lost to naked Ace. I can't really go much further into it without turning this into the worst bad beat post of my short history. Even after the fact, I went through some of the hands and wouldn't change how I played 99% of them, it just wasn't my day.

But what can you do? I can't ask nicely for the money back, I just have to get on with it and work my way up again. October was going to be my biggest winning month of the year, but thanks to those two sessions it will now be the worst.

We went bowling last Saturday night with friends, something I haven't done in years. The general rule for those of us who only bowl once every decade or so is that anything over 100 is considered a win. In my first game I had 120, which is probably my best ever if I cared to keep track of these things. Then some one had a bright idea that we played the second game left handed (or right handed for the cackys*). Trying to hold and roll the heavy ball with the non-preferred hand was tricky at best – but wouldn't you know it, I had 108 left handed! I was so proud of that, I considered it a big win for me for the night.

The other highlight was a 5 year old Chinese girl in the lane next to us who looked like Chun-Li from Street Fighter. Sadly, she did not use you Spinning Bird Kick to knock down the pins.

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