Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saddle Up

Hero: Listen to me. A storm o'hell's coming down on this place any second. I don't know what they are, I don't know where they came from. All I do know is that these fuckers are fast, nasty, and hungry... and there's four of 'em. They got claws like Ginsu knives and more teeth than a chainsaw. They're comin'... right now. So we gotta lock this bar down. That means doors, windows, drains, and zippers, and we gotta do it now. You! Get a phone, call the cops, National Guard, townies, anybody who kicks ass, and get 'em out here. Any questions?
Bartender: Yeah. Who the hell are you?
Hero: I'm the guy that's gonna save your ass.

I am still hesitant to dive back into the online waters after the terrible events of last weekend. Another result like that and I will have fond myself broke for the first time in a long time, something that I am not really that keen on to be honest.

I'm a sucker for stats, and over a few sessions on the weekend I had played 500 hands, seen the river 22 times out of those 500 and won on the river 4 times. That's not a sign of a good session at all. But, as always, when you fall off the horse you must dust yourself off and get back on that sucker. What other choice is there, becoming an online blackjack card counter?

Don't laugh, I have heard of people claiming to be just that.

Weird SNG last night though, on the third hand in the BB I have 45o and the flop comes A23 rainbow. I check and so does the out of position caller, as well as the small blind before me. The turn is the Jh, putting two hearts out there. I need to bet now, so I put out a modest enough amount to get any ace to come with me. The out of position guy min-raises me, and the small blind calls. Right, I've seen enough I say and push it all in. I get a quick call from the out of position player, and another from the small blind. Small blind shows 46o and out of position has AK. Nice way to slow play top pair – not that it mattered in the end. Anyway, AK is drawing dead and 46o needs a 5 to win which thankfully doesn't come, so I've tripled up very early.

And then I don't win a hand for the next 10 orbits or so. I hardly play a hand too, but the 7th placed player was knocked out quickly and then nobody moved. It just kept on going like that. Someone would get down to 600 chips, and then creep back up to 1400, then the next player would do the same, all the while I keep folding my J4o. Eventually I decided to call an All-in with AJ vs KK, and the KK held up. Before long, I'm down to 175 chips and UTG. Not what I hoped after tripling up so early.

Through some good cards and good luck, I doubled up twice in a row and then stole some much needed blinds. I crawl my way into the money and then bow out with A4o vs 77. I couldn't fold the ace with only 5BB in front of me and can't really complain with the result.

Through all this, I am 7-8 ITM from my last 8 at Pokerstars, and the exact opposite at Full Tilt. Perhaps that is trying to tell me where I should be playing?

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