Monday, April 30, 2007

Gambling With Kids

Tony Montana: I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

Over the weekend the Distraction and I made a quick trip to our local DVD store, and picked up some real bargains but I also grabbed the SNL best of Jimmy Falon. I like the SNL Best Of's, sometimes I think this is the best way to watch SNL, and I've spoken before about how when I worked at the video store I would always put the 25 Year's video on, and some customer would hire it then and there. Anyways, I think it was a bit weak this compilation. I haven't had the chance to watch much SNL over the past 3-4 years, but what I have seen from Jimmy Falon, the majority was better than what was on his "Best Of". But it has it moments I guess.

On the pre-ANZAC day poker game, I had a good start but then one player went on a 7 hour streak, where no matter what he had it would hit big, and usually someone else would catch a decent piece of it. It was unbelievable as the luck would not change, and his outs would either come or he would flop the nuts and let someone else chase to a made hand that just wasn't good enough. I was $200 up at one stage, and then ended the night at $30 down. Also had a 2-3 hour cold streak in there that was bad enough for others to make comment before I had the chance to whine.

Which is something I am improving on, the whining. Started to get better in the live games. Online – forget about it. I had another weekend of second-best hands and paid for them.

I did decide to have Friday night off from poker though – a chance to recharge the batteries and get some brownie points in the bank for future use.

But back to ANZAC day, we had another fine day at the pub playing two-up. This pub was a little more family friendly than the one we went to last year (which was closed for renovations), and gambling it up in the pouring rain was a real treat. Made us feel like we had earned it, even though I was not betting at all. The distraction ended in front which is all you can ask for.

Being more family friendly, there was a large number of kids around, even though I think to the strict letter of the law they probably should not have been. But there was some underage gambling going on for sure – I don't mean "maybe you should check their I.D." kind of underage gambling, I mean "I think his age is not in double figures" type. With Dad right beside him, the 9 year old raised his money high to make the bet. I saw the moral compass of my poker buddy go haywire as he considered it, but in the end he just could not take the bet form the kid – more than likely, because even if he won he would not want to collect. When someone else eventually took his bet and one, we made sure we booed him enough to make him feel guilty.

Later, my buddies' bet to a two year old girl were knocked back. Pity.

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