Monday, June 25, 2007

Poker Break: Non-optional

Toni Mannix: She's a lesbian, you know.
George Reeves: Who?
Toni Mannix: The one playing Lois.
George Reeves: Phyllis? Is she really?
Toni Mannix: No. She is now, as far as you're concerned.
George Reeves: Well... there it is.

I have played one SNG in the past week, and that was all the poker I got in. It has been a very busy week and the next to follow is likely to be the same, with the only chance I will get for even a hand will be on Sunday – and then it is a maybe. Withdrawal symptoms are sure to kick in and result in a down swing around the corner.

Speaking of which, I have suffered a 10% decrease is bankroll size thanks to the strength of the Aussie Dollar over the past few months. That affects it slightly too I guess.

In the one SNG I did play, I went out in about 6th or 7th. I played only two hands really and doubled up to be chip leader on the first one and then got down to last on the second one. Nothing really exciting at all happened, but that is the way it goes.

Managed to get see the new Fantastic Four movie last week. By far the most impressing thing about the night out was the Transformers preview before hand. Not to say F4 wasn't good, but my inner child is screaming for his Transformers. When the sound effect for the transform was heard, I was sold (as if I wasn't already).

Other than that, a fair portion of the weekend was spent at Aquariums, as the Distraction's birthday is this week and she has taken a keen interest in the home aquariums at our friends house. We're looking to get one started at ours, and after checking out the prices at the stores it looks like eBay will be our method. I'm keen to keep a salt water aquarium as they have more options for what creatures go in there and have generally more interesting fish. I mean, you need something different in these things, goldfish just don't cut it and it's a shame everybody has clown fish these days – we'll have to get something different to separate us from the masses.

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