Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Killing is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like badwrong, or badong. Yes, killing is badong. From this moment,I will stand for the opposite of killing: gnodab.
The Chosen One, "Kung Pow"

I have not played one hand of poker since my last post, mainly due to finding a little program on the home computer that shouldn't be there. All has been fixed for now, and new virus protection has been sought. If there are any great recommendations out there, then I'm all ears.

I am however in the process of getting some live games going. I have been looking on eBay and other internet sites to find a decent poker table and chips. How hard is it for somebody to sell this stuff in Australia? The very few people I have found that sell something vaguely similar to what I want have a ridiculous price like $399 for a 500 chip set. So it looks like I will have to order from overseas. There are so many places that sell them in the US, and with the current poker boom I should be able to find a decent set of 1000 chips for a pretty good price. Again, if anyone out there has any recommendations, I'm all ears.

I have been reading too many poker sites lately to mention, and have been trying to decipher it all. I know one of my weakness' is I can play too tight, and only playing in free rolls certainly doesn't build up too many good habits. But these are the challenges we set ourselves. If I wanted to make a career out of poker, I would invest some real money in it. But I know that it is probably so far off - not to mention risky - choice that I can not see a justifiable reason to try. I really would love to say one day I started my poker career with $0 down, and hence this blog.

I think this will be my shortest post since starting, due to not playing any poker since Saturday. As I said in my last post, I am looking at upgrading the connection on the home PC, and hopefully I can then get more out of my game by having fewer time-outs and lost connections. I guess the live game has it's draw backs too - like a boxed card in the deck, dealer drops a card, accidentally mucking a winning hand in an alcoholic induced haze. Oh well, what can you do?

Saw "Wonderland" last night, the movie about porn legend John Holmes staring Val Kilmer. Damn it's weird - it is less about the star's fall from grace and more about "Wonderland" - an apartment frequented by drug users at the time and some murders than went down there. I guess that should have been more obvious considering the title of the movie, but all the promotion and even the back cover was about Holmes. It is interesting, but nothing too special.

That will do for this post, hopefully next time I will have a little more to talk about: more winnings and less bad beats!

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