Thursday, January 06, 2005

Little compensation

Abe Sapien: Remind me why I do this again.
Hellboy: Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind.
Abe Sapien: Ah!

Hello boys and girls, and welcome back to another devine session of enlightenment from the "World's Greatest Poker Blogger Ever". Do you think I'm selling myself a bit short there? Let's move on.

A littel bit of help came along with the Casino Bonus stuff. Since Casino County closed down for some reason, they transferred the accounts back to Star Luck casino, and gave me a tenner for the trouble. What they didn't transfer was the WR, as I was only up to $300 out of the $1600. While the cash out took much longer than it should have, it was finally approved today. So here is a little update on how it is all going:

Casino Expected Profit
SD.......................................... HEAFY
StarLuck $90.00..................... $40
CasinoCounty $81.00 .............$120
PlanetLuck $90.00...............$221
William Hill $70.00
AceClub $63.00
Casino-On-Net $193.00...........-$200
Reef Club $175.00
InterCasino $88.00
Omni Casino $88.00
GoldenStars Casino $110.00

So counting the casino I have tried, I am $273 behind. Wow, that Casino on Net really hurt. But I'm still $181 in the black (plus a few other referral kickbacks, if you don't mind). After cashing out at Casino County and busting at CoN, I now have $0 invested in any online casino, and I am ready to get going again. Problem is the internet connection situation at home, which of course has a story attached to it. I call it "Why New Years Eve Sucks". Do gather round.

New Years Eve sucks (well, good start so far). I can remember spending more than one of the past New Years Eve trying to find a chemist that was open to help me through some poorly timed sickness. For some reason, I rarely get sick at all. I power on through everything. But when it does get me, man it hits hard. So the big night's of celebration get cut short. But not this year - this year, I'm fighting fit and ready to go.

I'm also not a big fan of massive crowds. I'd rather chill with about a dozen friends and drink alcohol while telling lies than cram into Sydney Harbour and try to fork out $50-$100 cover charges to get into an equally packed club and pay $10 for a beer. Fortuanly, our new place has a gret up stairs balcony, which we could see all over Sydney as several different suburbs had their local fireworks display.

Now my little distraction was also enjoying some refreshing drinks. You could say she was enjoying them a lot. I politely suggested she switch for some lovely ice water for a short period of time. Such a suggestion was rebuffed and scoffed at (all at once). No more than a few moments later she rushed down stairs to get some one else a champagne glass - the time was about 11:30pm. Having reached the third last step on her way to the kitchen, the distraction was distracted and thought she was already at the bottom. She took a huge step forward instead of downward and found out that not only was the sky falling, she was too. She landed the wrong way on her right foot and fell over it. She spent the rest of the night on the couch with ice, missing all the displays we could see from the balcony.

The next day, it had ballooned a little so a visit to the emergency ward was in order. I don't think they should call it the "Emergency" ward. We were told ever so politely to wait 40 minutes before we could "register" then wait some more before a nurse could see my distraction and decide whether we could upgrade to a doctor. This happened in time, and eventually we saw not one but two doctors, and got a cast put on that right foot. 4 hours later, we were on our way home. To get to our apartment, it requires 3 flights of stairs. No lift. Being very uncoordinated, our littel one-legged distraction could not negotiate these stairs alone. I had to carry her up there in a very unlady like fashion. This continues to this day.

As an added extra bonus, this is the busiest time of year for her at work and she had to go in on Sunday 2nd Januaray and also the 3rd, which was a public holiday. Since it is her right foot that is fooked, she can't drive. I have to drive her in and then come back to pick her up at what ever hour is needed. Now, she has been allowed to work from home via her laptop while sitting on the couch. Which is why I can't play online poker or blackjack at the moment - because she has the little laptop running from the lounge nearly all the time.

So I guess it is time to cool my heels a little. Trying to organise a live game again in the near future, see how it goes. Other than that, the silly season is fully over and now back to the daily office grind.

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ArturiusX said...

I'd be interested in a live game if you run one :)