Thursday, May 25, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Lenina Huxley: The exchange of bodily fluids? Do you know what that leads to?
John Spartan: Yeah, I do! Kids, smoking, a desire to raid the fridge.
"Demolition Man"

1. What is the biggest mistake people make at a NL table? Lack of patience, or thinking that every player is watching them 100% of the time and takign notice.

2. What is the biggest mistake people make at a Limit table? Thinking it is a No Limit table.

3. Why do you play poker? Live - for fun. Online - for bonuses

4. If you weren't playing poker, what would you be doing? Probably playing video games, or looking for Wally.

5. What is your favorite poker book and why? Tao of Poker. Easy to read, and I got it for free.

6. Who is your favorite poker player and why? I've always liked Howard Lederer and Amir Vahedi. I have a lot of time for Sammy Farha too.

7. Which poker player do you dislike the most and why? Kathy Leibert, I can't explain why.

8. Do your coworkers know about your blog? Hell no. They know I play poker and they think I am a dengenerate enough for that.

9. What is the most you have won in a cash game or MTT (both live and
online)? $205 in a MTT online, the most live was $190 in a 20c/40c NL game.

10. What is the most you have lost in a cash game or in one day total (both
live and online)? Online would be maybe $100, not sure. Live it would be $60 probably.

11. Who was your first poker blog read? Iggy, through a link on Fark.

12. What satisfies you more, your aces holding up for a big pot or a bluff
working for a big pot? Aces holding up, because that usually means an all-in.

13. Why do you blog? Because Hollywood executives read poker blogs looking for the next big star. Don't they?

14. Do you read blogs from an RSS reader like bloglines or do you visit each
blog? Bloglines, it's just easier now.

15. Would you rather play poker for a living than do what you currently do
for a living? Yeah, I think I would if I was good enough.

16. Do you wear a tin foil hat on occasion? Not often.

17. If you had to pin it down to one specific trait, what does a great poker
player have (or do) that separates them from an average player? Ability to loose and not care.

18. Is Drizz the coolest person on the planet for naming his baby Vegas? I am waiting ot hear of anyone cooler. Perhaps only surpased by Moxie CrimeFighter Gillette.

19. What is your primary poker goal and are you close to accomplishing it? It used to be $7K, but I keep making withdrawals. At this rate, I should make it sometime before 2012.

20. What is your primary online site and why? Full Tilt, because it is easy to use and they pay me.

21. What site do you dislike and why? I've never liked Poker Room. High rake, slow software, massive raked hands needed for the bonuses.


TripJax said...

Something about Kathy bugs me too at times...

TripJax said...

oh and thanks for chiming in...never too late...