Thursday, May 18, 2006

Note To Self

Lee Butters: You have the right to remain silent. So shut the fuck up. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, we will provide you with the dumbest fucking lawyer on earth. If you get Johnny Cochrane, I'll kill ya.
"Leathal Weapon 4"

I was reflecting on a few hand histories just the other day, and I noticed that the five biggest loosing pots (for online play) had something in common. Not what I was holding, but what my opponent was holding – pocket aces.

One way to look at this is that man I've been unlucky, running into aces that many times. The other way would be to admit I have a problem putting people on these hands even when they are screaming them at the top of their lungs.

Note to self; an early position limp with multiple runners, then a re-raise over my raise pre-flop means Aces. Kings minimum. It doesn't mean AK like I keep putting them on. Just because I don't limp with aces doesn't mean anyone else can't.

I guess I am fallen to the old trap of not wanting to be bluffed off a pot, although that did happen last night too when I was pushed off a dry side pot only to find I would have tied for the main pot with the all-in player if I stayed in. That annoys me too because it wasn't that big of a call – just a few dollars into a $20 pot, but with 33KKx on the board, the 3 I'm holding doesn't look so good with an all-in and then the bet into the dry side pot. I decided he had a King, and I was wrong. He had 66 for a very crappy two pair, and the all-in had the other 3. At least I can console in the fact that the 66 didn't make a cent of the pot, even though I should have.

So, more notes to self: stop being so damn proud not to fold, and start thinking about the other cards at the table besides the two you are looking at.

Final note to self: Be thankful this lesson hasn't cost you as much as it should have.

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