Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Different Kind Of Bad Beat

Sam: After tonight, the three of us are not to be seen together ever again.
Kelly Van Ryan: After tonight.
"Wild Things"

It has been a very weird poker year for me so far. I think I've dealt more hands
this year than I've played. I've finally started to keep track of my live game
performances and I now know a hell of a lot more about my game because of it.
This coincided with a massive upswing which was almost embarrassing at times.
The upswing officially ended a week ago when I took some massive hits, and not
just poker.

I first of all ended a fun session $50 at a late night game. I doubled up really
early and then saw everything bleed away for the rest of the night. I didn't get
any big hands paid off after the first hour, and I went another 3 hour stretch
without dragging a pot. When I finally thought I had something with my little
six hitting trips on the flop, the other player had the same hand and we split.

I made what I thought was a good move on one hand, but I can see why people
might think it was a bit fishy. I had JJ and saw a pre-flop raise in front of
me. This wasn't unusual but could mean anything from aces to QTo. I put in a
small re-raise because I didn't think he had a big pair and then I must be
ahead. I had nearly a full buy in and decided I was good and will put him to the
test, and went all in. He called, and I sighed as I thought of what he must have
to call that bet. He had King and Jack of hearts. I figure this is about as good
as I could hope for. That was until the first card peeled off the deck was a
King, and I am left with one out now that does not come. So maybe all-in
pre-flop with Jacks isn't that great, but what about the call with KJh? Oh well,
what can you do?

By the nights end, I thought I was down only $5, but a re-count the next day
revealed it was closer to $55, which I was really surprised at because I thought
I cashed in as much as I bought in for, but never the less.

The next day was Anzac Day, a public holiday in Australia to commemorate the day
when 90 years ago a bunch of Aussie and Kiwi soldiers where shipped to the wrong
location in Turkey to fight the war and they got slaughtered. It's really a very
deep remembrance day, and Turkish veterans participate in it as well. One of the
traditions of Anzac is "Two-Up", gambling madness that is quite literally the
flip of a coin - well, two coins. The Distraction wanted to get into the spirit
of things and try out this game, and it put me back about $100 by the days end.
She had a horror run of 7 or 8 in a row wrong to start things off. But what can
you do?

And then the next day, we went out for dinner and came home to realise the front
door keys were still inside the unit, and we were not. One call to an all night
locksmith and $100 later, we're finally inside. Of course the poker bank roll
took that one for the team too.

So it wasn't a very good week for the bank roll, but you get that.

Then in the online side of things, I had a really fishy run last week. With AK,
my opponent was screaming "ACES" on a not very scary board, and I called
thinking he had AK or AQ. That was rather silly, but what got me in trouble was
thinking he would play the aces the way I would. He limped pre-flop which put me
off and made me think he only had AK-AJ suited perhaps. In hind sight, it was
really obvious what he was playing and I wasn't paying enough attention to it.

I tried to get it back and was playing solid, just not getting paid off. One
player in the big blind when I was on the button had me dominated every time I
had a decent hand. If I had kings, he had aces. If I had AQ, he had AK. It
happened about 6 or 7 times, he would be down to his last $5 or so and then I
would double him up. Eventually somebody else doubled him up so he had me
covered and then I got out-kicked with his AK vs my KJ. Oh well, I think I
deserved what I got the way I was playing.

And that was how I ended the upswing. So how have you been?

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