Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bonus me

Jewel Bentley: That was the best safe sex I've ever had!
Jimmy Dworski: That was the best sex I've had in 2 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 5 days!
"Taking Care of Business"

Just a very quick post, as I have no poker play to speak of still. I have been able to withdraw all my bonu smoney from Pacific Poker (whihc I tried just to see if I could), but since their tournaments are so regular and don't have re-buys or add ons, I'm going to re-invest some of it back there exclusively for tournament play. Tournaments may be very -EV, but damn their fun and hey, I only need to win one a month to make it worth while.

But this now leaves me with a little dilemma - where to put the rest of my bank roll? Party is the obvious answer, and I tried but it looks like I missed out on the reload bonus by a mere matter of days. All these affliate programs and offers - wow, I have become dependant on them. To tell you the truth, I have pretty much lost most of the bonus money I have ever earned, and I have only recieved one gift through Poker Source Online. Does anybody wish to refer me to Poker Now, Empire or any other Party skins where I can still get a decent bonus of some description, while helping out a fellow blogger or reader? That is provided that you are allowed to have an account on Empire or Poker Now AND an account on Party. Either email me or post your thoughts in the comments section and I will hopefully choose the best offer for us all. The last offer I went with netted me $50 cash from
JW. That was a great deal, and if there is anything similar out there, I am all ears.


SirFWALGMan said...

All I can offer:

Refer a friend to Empire for $25, or become a member through my affiliate link and I will make some money. Send me a private email and we can talk. Empire forbids making deals, wink.. wink..

Anonymous said...

check out doubleas blog. he will supplement $35 to your account if you sign up through him.