Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election 2004 - We all flip a coin

Stifler's Mom : I got some scotch.
Finch : Single malt?
Stifler's Mom : Aged eighteen years. The way I like it.
"American Pie"

I was going to find a movie that is some what related to elections and all, and I was about to go for "The American President" but I remembered that Micahel Douglas is a bit of a dick (I mean come on, how many rich white collar guys characters can he play? Poor guy, getting type-cast like that), so I went for a much cooler choice.

Hello my fellow Americans. I say "fellow" because really, we love you guys. You guys going to war? Can we come? Please? We won't get in the way, promise! So in a way, the American election is also very important to us. We had our election about a month ago, and that was not very important at all - except really for our local member got voted out because he cheated on his wife.

I take voting seriously - even though it is compulsary here in the land of Oz. We have two choice when we vote - put the number one in a box above the line, or number every box below the line (79 boxes this year). Well, we don't vote often and we have to wait in line forever, so your damn right I take my time and number every single box. Afterwards, when our Prime Minister (is that supposed to be one word?) was voted back in, I came to realise that I have never won an election. We had a referendum a few years ago to change our constituion so we could be a republic, and I lost that election too. Man, why do I always pick the underdogs? I keep voting for 9To when the other team is holding AQ suited. Which candidate has the better stance on how to correctly play Big Slick from the small blind? Have fun voting guys - and remember, commedians everywhere need more material for the next four years.

On the poker front, I have not been playing much mid week. I did place in a 20 man SNG, taking home $32. It was weird, I never took a big pot for the entire tournament. There was a few times I had to be carefull, like when I had trips and the board showed a flsuh and straight chance. When it came to the final table, I was in last place. I was playing like a true rock - for the last 3 orbits the only time I willingly put money into the pot was AKh which stole the blinds. Constantly I was getting 8-high hands, with the odd J5o to boot. But I was tight damn it, real tight. 5th got their money back, so I needed at keast forth to make it worth while. Down to the bubble, I was the short stack still with one other guy just above me, and the last 3 were about even. With 75s I see a flop with Q89, two spades giving me four to the flush and four to the straight. I had about 2.5BB left in me, and now I think is the time to throw caution to the wind. Is it still lucky if it is your plan? A few years ago in the winter Olympics, Steve Bradbry won Australia's first every Winter Olympics Gold medal, when the other three skaters in his race all fell 10 meters before the finsih line. Lucky? Well, before the race he said his plan was to wait for everyone else to fall over and that was the only way he could win. It happen, so I guess he is a master tactition. Well, I planned to hit my gut-shot straight draw on the river, and I did, trippling up in the process. I went back to folding away everything, then eventually limped into third - I was quiet pleased. Eventually I went all in with AJ as I was still short stacked, and I was beaten by Q9 I think, when he hit a 9 on the flop and Queen on the turn. It was a good grind though, suprisingly I was happy with the 3rd place out of 20 as I never had a monster hand at all. I just refused to chase (except the once) and I made no attempt at bluffing. Nice little earner in the end.

I read many blogs out there, some every day others when I feel like it or have the time. There are many different styles - purely poker theory, current poker events, individual play, incoherant ramblings and so on. I'm glad we have so many different ways of talking about the same subjects. Obviously my blog is for my own amusement, and I treat it as such. Sure, I give a shout out every now and then, but really it is just a reflection of what I am reading. I like talking up my own game, making big news out of a $5 win. I love calling forth the wrath of the Poker Gods after I have been rivered for the 8th time in a row. But I think most of all, I think my little journey would make a great story one day. All I'm saying is, my blog is very self-serving, and that's why I do it damn it!

Got my fully uncensored version of Grand Theft Auto yesterday, and had a bit of a go last night. Dude, this thing is huge. Halo 2 due out next week means poker may take a back seat for a little while due to the demands of a new video game. I can never see myself growing out of them to be honest, but we all have our vices, don't we? And you have to support GTA5-SA as the poker blogging prodigy himself Wil W is a voice actor on one of the radio stations, as a recent post on his site tells us. I have not heard him yet, but it is still early days.

That will do for now, not bad for a post that really says nothing. Hope the cards are treating you well, and FOLD THAT DAMN HAMMER!

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