Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Skill Jam

Mickey Mantle: Roger, are we feuding?
Roger Maris: They said so on the TV, it must be true.
Mickey Mantle: Well, fuck you then.
Roger Maris: Up yours.

Time to whinge and whine about how everybody is lucky and my skills are not getting rewarded again - in other words, regular poker blogging.

Only playing in two games last night - a $10 SNG and a $20 pot limit tournament. Finsihed well out of the money in both. The deciding hand in the tournament was with AQ, I made a riaase preflop to get three callers. The board came 6sTsQh, giving me top pair top kicker. It is checked by everybody around to me, so I put in a pot sized bet for only one caller. The turn was Qs, giving me trips with a nice kicker, but putting the flush on the board. The other player puts out a bet approximately 1/10 of the pot. So I back back over the top of him for another pot sized bet (which left me with under $100) and he sheepishly re-raises the other $100 to be all-in. He has me covered by about $10. I call, naturally, and am disgusted when he flips over 4s7s. No help from the river, and I go home now.

In the SNG, I did not win a pot. Not one. Down to $400 I go all-in with 77 against the big blind ($1200) who calls with A3s. Suppose that's not too bad a call, it was a suited Ace. The flop comes 25T rainbow, so I'm still just in front but he has 7 outs I guess. The turn is a 4 giving him his straight - so now all that can help me is an 8 for a four out chance. The river is a 7, which I swear I saw snigger at me. That was the end of poker for the night.

I did want to ask the bloggind world out there if they have ever heard of the site Skill Jam? I'm not looking for referrals or anything like that, but I thought it looked a little dodgey but gave it a go anyway. It's bascially a gmaing site where you can play little flash games against other people for money. The give you your first $6, so I thought I would see what I could do with that to waste some time. In one of the games I quickly figured out a way to get a fantastic score, and as such I was underfeated in it and turned the $6 into $18.10 by night's end. Now it won't let me play anymore games until I make a real money deposit. I was wondering if anybody else has any experience with Skill Jam at all? They rake at about 10%, so it is very brutal, I know the free games are always going to be easier that the real ones, but it did get my imagination going.

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