Thursday, June 30, 2005

Howard Lederer Is My Uncle

Eli: Dude, don't mess this up.
Matthew: Mess what up?
Eli: Matt, she's a porn star! Okay? Take her to a motel room and bang her like a beast!
Matthew: Eli, I like this girl.
Eli: And you can still like her with your penis inside her. Matthew, I tell you that you're going to regret this. What would JFK do? You know he'd tap that ass.
”The Girl Next Door”

Ok, so Howard Lederer isn’t really my uncle, but he is a splitting image of one of my uncles. I sent a picture of Howard to my uncle to see what he thought, and because I know he doesn’t play poker I explained who he was and let him know that Howard Lederer was a millionaire a few times over thanks to poker. My uncle responded with disgust – saying first he learns that he was born on the same day as Michael Jordan, so he missed on his chance at being rich and black and now he finds out his look alike is making millions. Bit unlucky really.

Saw War of the Worlds last night – has some pretty awesome moments in it. You definitely need to see this movie at the cinema; DVD just won’t do it justice.

And on to one more bad beat – although not directly based on poker, as I did not play a single hand last night. I was kindly informed just last night about the full extent of our financial situation leading up to the wedding. As an added bonus, our lease runs out just before the wedding, meaning we will be moving the week leading up to the wedding – naturally, with that comes assorted costs and pains which are synonymous with the moving experience. Basically to cover the wedding, honeymoon and moving we need about $10K more than we got. Talk about getting kicked in the junk.

What can you do? Saying “I told you so” ten thousand times would do little to make me feel better, and I won’t be rewarded with $1 each time I do it. I hardly think I can get my poker bankroll from $600 to $10K in that time with my skills at the limits I am comfortable at. Maybe I need to step outside of that comfort zone? Maybe I just need a really good MTT win – ha, don’t we all? I have a few other irons in the fire so to speak, and maybe they just need a good kick a long.

That news put me in such a down mood last night, it was wise not to hit the tables straight away. At least I have learned something.


lora said...

great site, Cool, I'll add you to my favorites and link up to you.

ScurvyDog said...

The only advice I have, as far as dealing with wedding bills, is to try to cram that practical, worrying side of your brain way, way down in a dark corner of your cranium. I was in exactly the same boat, gnashing my teeth, wondering why the bajebus we were spending so much freaking money when we just could go to Vegas and get married and actually have fun, etc.

Honestly, though, I'd do it all over the exact same way, cost be damned. It's taken us 6 or 7 months to pay for it but it made all parties involved very, very happy, especially our respective moms and dads.

I wouldn't try to take a shot with your bankroll to pay for it all, though. Methinks only doom lies down that road. Taking on debt isn't fun but it's not the end of the world. Keep the roll intact and use it to generate a couple hndred bucks each month to pay down assorted bills.

TripJax said...

Man...exactly what scurvy said. Let this be a good time and put the shitty portion on the backburner. Max the credit card if you have to, then find a way to do an equity line or something, but whatever you do, make that woman happy. Life will be so much better along the way if she is happy.

Remember, what doesn't kill ya...will probably put you in the hospital. Wait, erm, scratch that last sentence.

Good comment on my blog. Thanks!

Poker In Arrears

Heafy said...

Yeah thanks guys, I know I will just have to suck it up and pay for it - what can you do?

ArturiusX said...

I personally think lavish weddings are overrated. 10-15 close friends and close family. Keep it tight, and it'll be right.

Trying to turn a wedding into a super party just increases the chances of something going wrong. Family gatherings/new years parties are for get togethers. Weddings are more meaningful in a small group.

Just my 2 cents :)