Thursday, June 23, 2005

More Trouble

Terry Thorne: What are you guys celebrating?
Dino: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the clitoris.
”Proof of Life”

It would seem that the old PC is not free of harmful effects just yet. Last night it would not work at all, so it looks like she will be going back into the shop for more repairs. I’m a bit disappointed to say the least, and certainly hope the costs don’t run too high as money is exceptionally tight at the moment as we have already started to pay the bills for the wedding – and more seem to pop up each day.

Turns out there are a few books on the market like the ones I spoke of in my last post, and when I have the time and inclination I will have to pursue more of them. I read the first chapter of the Chris Moneymaker one at the publishers website, and it wasn’t really that impressive. Having said that, it was only a page or two of the first chapter, so not really all that much to go on.

Poker On Film’s one year anniversary is slowly approaching, and I may be looking to do something to celebrate the achievement. I was thinking about running a blogger tournament some time soon after the completion of the World Series, as everybody is obviously a little pre-occupied with that. My other reasoning is that all the blogger tournaments in the past have been run on a Sunday night American time, which means Monday morning here in the land of Oz. Naturally that is not a good time for me and I miss out on all the shenanigans. I figure it’s best if I was proactive about this, and instead organise a tournament to my suiting and perhaps throw in a little extra into the prize pool to make it interesting (and bribe more people to play). My final reasoning was to hopefully forge even just 2 sign ups through this blog, as a helper to the October honeymoon we are planning. I have been looking into this with a few different sites and will have more news as this story develops.

Finally, my condolences go to everybody connected to Charlie. I never met him, but felt like he was an old friend thanks to the kind words that every body has said about him. It sounds like he enjoyed his last few days as much as possible, and those responsible should be very proud indeed.


JW said...

Without going back and checking...have you read Positively 5th Street? Not exactly the type of book you are talking about but wonderful nonetheless.

Heafy said...

Might have to add that to the reading list soon. Goo dto see you're hanging around JW.