Monday, June 20, 2005

Look Before You Le...

David Mills: I've been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own faeces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!"? Yeah. Do you guys do that?

As they say, there is no such thing as a “sure thing”. Sure enough, after the last post I looked into putting the $300 wager on for the bonus, and not only couldn’t I do it at Bodog because they don’t cover the cricket, but the sites that do cover the cricket wouldn’t take a bet on the match. What happened? I kept my money anyway, I would have put it on in a heart beat if I could at Bodog just to get the bonus, but I couldn’t.

What happened next was the biggest upset in cricketing history. Half of the Australian team went out and got drunk the night before, with one player still trying to coax more team mates out at four in the morning. He has been in the news here since then and has been suspended from the team. Bangladesh, more playing in the tournament for a free trip to England than to actually compete, so far an underdog that you couldn’t even put a bet on the result, beat the world champions. I would have lost the $300, the “sure thing” just didn’t come through.

I guess you could say that sent a message.

Maybe this is a bigger message though – and I was thinking that perhaps this year will be the year that a woman wins the poker world series main event. I’m not going to put any money down though; I’ll stick to the cards for now.

I know many people claim that the female of the species will never win a world series of poker – how many have even made a final table over the years? I think the best finish ever is 10th, right? This could be the year of upsets. Having said all that, I think Phil Ivey is in for a big showing this year. Lets wait and see hey.

You can tell that I didn’t get to play much poker over the weekend by my incessant rambling. I have been forced to put the machine into the shop to get some more nasties taken care of. There was a few programs running on the PC that shouldn’t have been, and making themselves a right pain, as most of us have experienced at one time or another. Hopefully it will be back and functioning within a few days.

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JW said...

Hope the computer gets back ok soon! I'd personally love to see a woman win the big long as it's not Annie Duke!