Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Steve Zissou: Anne-Marie, do all the interns get Glocks?
Anne-Marie Sakowitz: No, they have to share one.
”A Life Aquatic”

Well my poker loving fiends, where has the time gone? I have started and completed the PSO bonus offer with Bodog poker and my thoughts are about to be articulated into words now.

Bodog poker is set up as an offshoot from a sports book and casino, so you expect some players to drift in for the poker craze. I think they also had a recent marketing push during the WSOP (and lets face, which poker site didn’t?).

I am yet to decipher wether the players here are the best I have seen or the absolute worst. Some of the play is unbelievable. For example, in the last $5 SNG I played in last night – and admittedly if you go looking for quality play you don’t normally start at the $5 SNG tables – it got down to the final three places, in the money, by level four. I was short stacked compared to the other two massive stacks, but this was because I had not played a single hand beyond the flop. Not one, and I had folded my way into the money. Unbelievable. 3 hands later I was chip leader and I had still not seen a turn card. 2 hands after that I was out when I lost my BB to a raise and was then covered by the chip leader – next hand my Hiltons were beaten by AQ on a ragged flop that turned an ace.

The software though is extremely fast, which is almost a bad thing. I had a lot of trouble doing just two tables. It has the usual features that you associate with a poker room and doesn’t really lack in any area that is obvious to me. The tournament schedule seems to be a bit lacking for the hours that I play at, but that happens when you are outside of the peak times I guess.

In the limit game, I gave up raising pre-flop a it was costing me too much. I did book a profit overall, but it was through the most woeful run of play and cards. I was married to every premium hand I had and could not let go, no matter what the flop showed. I lost every single premium hand imaginable. Capped pre-flop 4 ways with aces, T7o turns a straight for the win. What can you do?

There was very little Omaha action available, usually just 5-6 players in total and not many at the limits I wanted to play at. SNG’s though were very regular at all levels and pleasing to me.

I am in waiting for the PSO confirmation on the bonus, which should be done in a few days time and then I will have $90 more worth of Amazon vouchers to spread around.

Off of poker, there are some major developments in the real world at the moment, which may result in a move of city. More details to come as they are known and will be posted in a non-poker post shortly.

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