Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Shield vs 24

Vic Mackey: Good cop and bad cop have left for the day. I'm a different kind of cop.
”The Shield”

Before I get back to poker, I want to talk TV first. Now I apologise in advance because Australian TV is so far behind the American equivalent, but you will understand hopefully where I am coming from.

My flatmate has bought series 1 and 2 of “The Shield” on DVD. We became interested in the show when the series three episodes were shown on late night TV, but I can’t stay up until 1am on a Wednesday for a TV show when I have a normal job. So he gets the DVD’s and we all start watching (The flatmate, the distraction and me). We also have a great tradition in our house of watching the show “24”, and the forth series is about half way through on TV now. We watched all 3 other series on DVD also.

“24” used to be a highlight for us, now it just pales in comparison. “The Shield” has ruined 24 for us. We were watching episodes of “The Shield” while waiting for 24 to come on, and we were disappointed when we had to switch over. Everything happens so fast in “The Shield”, and damn if Vic Mackey isn’t way more interesting that Jack Bauer. We are only half way through series one, and it has already become my favourite show at the moment.

Now for all things poker. As a final say on Poker Rewards, my cash out was cleared in about 48 hours, which is good enough. Shame, it could have been such a lovely relationship between the two of us, but instead it has to end like this.

Where to next? Damn I am such a bonus whore. I just don’t like playing unless I’m working off a bonus somewhere. I’m thinking about giving the PSO Full Tilt a try, as the raked hands requirements seem to be achievable for me even if the deposit bonus isn’t. Also, by the time I finish that bonus and collect more Amazon vouchers, WPT Season 3 will be released!

Besides, it only seems right that I try to support the employer of so many bloggers out there. I wonder if I will run into Phil Ivey or Howard Lederer at the 50c/$1 tables?

Tournament, that’s what I said I wanted to talk about. Why do so many sites love the rebuy tourneys? Ok, that’s a silly question, it’s obvious there is more rake in a rebuy tourney for the same number of people. Am I wrong though in suggesting that the majority of players prefer a freeze-out than a rebuy tourneys? Or is it the opinion that SNG’s fill this void?

I always prefer the freeze-out, mainly because I know how much I’m going to loose from the get-go. I have played and cashed in a few rebuy tournaments, but they were for $1 and $2 at the most because I was just worried about how many rebuys and add-ons would cost me. The play early during a rebuy tournament is laughable, half the time because players want to loose so they can rebuy back to their original buy-in. This creates two opportunities – you could either double up very quickly or you can loose to some awful suck-outs.

Either way, call me old fashioned but I say once your chips are gone, you are gone.


Captain Freeman said...

Man, you missed a perfect opportunity for a segue: "In The Shield, nothing good ever happens to anybody... just like in poker."

Or am I just bitter because I'm on a long down-swing?

Chris Halverson said...

The Shield rocks. Vic is awesome. Wait until you get past season 1, it just gets better and better. I love 24 too though, but I'd have to admit, The Shield blows me away virtually every episode.