Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tournament Cancelled

For some unknown reason, Poker Rewards have decided to cancel the Heafy Honeymoon Classic tournament that I had FINALLY set up through their bug-filled software. It seriously took me weeks to get it done, and 4 un-answered emails to support really showed their committment. So anyway, I finally got the tournament organised and up on the site, then I put done my $22 to join up and wait for others - this past weekend, I noticed not only did the tournament get removed from the site without any notice to me, but my buy-in was not refunded!

Couple this with the fact that my home PC is on the blink again, I am not very happy at the minute. I have emailed support again and dispite thier claim of 24 hour support ("just email us your phone number and we'll get right back to you" - my ass) I have not recieved any communication back from them except for an automated response email saying they had recieved my email and would respond in a few hours.

So the tournament if cancelled for now - I really apologise to those of you who have tried to help with promoting the tournament and using the affliate links. if you have downloaded the software but have not deposited yet then I urge you DON'T DEPOSIT! I'm sorry for those that already have, email me and if I recieve 1 cent of affilaite money from it I will be more than happy to send it across.


TripJax said...

Dude I'm sorry to hear that...hope things get better. I was just checking in to see what I needed to do only to find this. Guess it's good to know though.

I was a bit in a pickle anyway as I have a friend coming in that day from Alabama and it's been planned for a while now...I just didn't put two and two together on the dates...guess shit happens for a reason.

Good luck man...I'll keep reading...you keep writing!

peacecorn said...

Aww. I wasn't going to be able to play as I have a live tourney on that day, but if you manage to get another one set up, count me in!

Just a Fish said...

Bummer. I thought that PokerRewards was actually based in Sydney so you might actually be able to phone them.

Hope it all works out.