Thursday, June 15, 2006

As If You Didn't Know Already

Jay: So why the long face, Horse? Banky on the rag?
Holden: I'm just, ahh... just havin' a little girl trouble.
Jay: Bitch pressin' charges? I get that a lot.
"Chasing Amy"

So the latest Kevin Smith love-fest when it comes to the movie quotes at the start of each post is due to the fact that I recently received "Silent Bob Speaks" and "An Evening With Kevin Smith", both of which I am about half way through so far. It's great because watching "An Evening With Kevin Smith" and hearing all these references to his previous movies has made the Distraction more interested in them, so our next DVD purchases are looking like there are going to be from his back catalogue.

I am keeping on my bonus whoring ways, and thanks to the bonus' I am managing to keep my head above water, but only just. I don't seem to be winning many coin flips and, more to the point, I am mis-reading opponents a lot.

I have noticed lately that I am missing a lot and not paying enough attention. Things like not noticing a possible flush being filled on the river – both my own and my opponents at times. This is a very bad habit that must stop, perhaps if I move up in limits I will be forced to concentrate more.

Now doesn't that sound like a bright idea?

I'm really keen to get some more live games going, but this weekend is no good as the Distraction and I are taking an early Anniversary trip down south. This is because she has just accepted a new job, so when the actual First anniversary comes around it will be unlikely that we can take some time off. Being a long weekend, the flights from here to Melbourne are nearly booked solid, so our available times (at reasonable price) are limited, which also screws us out of one day but such is life I guess.

I had the sad realisation that I can no longer run the free pub poker tournaments, for two reasons. Mainly time – the tournaments are mid-week and don't finish until late, which makes me extremely tired for my regular job, and that is not a good thing. The other is that since this is a second job, I get taxed at the highest rate. So basically I get paid half of what everyone else does, since for most of the other guys this is their only job (uni students and the like). It also means that the average 15 year old at McDonalds is making about the same as me. I've decided to give it the flick, and the fact that I have already garnered enough for a proper live bank roll (and low limits at least) helped the decision – although when tax time comes around I might have to forfeit all of it. Creative accountants should be able to fix that one for me.

All up last nights session was down about $30. The worst of it was QQ getting done by AJ and AKc running into AT with ATx on the board. I also missed out on a big pot when I decided not to chase my gut shot, and then it hit perfectly followed by an all-in by some muppet with two pair. But you get that sometimes. I'm sure things will come good before long, well at least I hope so.

I was having a look at Poker Source Online again recently, thanks mostly to the fact that they sponsor this here blog and also because I now have a referral or two going that way. 12,000 PSO points for one promotion aint too fucking bad at all – but then I saw that it was Poker Room online. PR is just one of those places that has never agreed with me, and I can't explain why. Well, probably most of the reason is I have never posted a profit there. Anyways, looking at all the promos and the requirements, is it just me or does 9,000 PSO points (which to me equates to $90 worth of Amazon vouchers) for 250 raked hands at Party Poker, plus a 25% deposit bonus, does that just look like a deal that is too good to be true? By far the easiest bonus at PSO to clear methinks. If you haven't already, try it out and please use this link here so I can get a little something-something for my trouble.

Poker Source Online

And trust me, if you have $500 for the full deposit bonus, the Party Poker 9,000 points offer is the way to go.

This message was brought to you because it is an awesome offer, not because they advertise with me.

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HighOnPoker said...

Actually, their new PokerShare is pretty easy too, but if you do it, make sure your first deposit at PokerShare is for $50 and then deposit more if you like. This way, you'll get the $50 bonus released at the same time as the PSO bonus. I deposited $300 and it'll take me 6x as long to finish the Share bonus (I've already completed PSO's bonus). I still think the easiest is probably Bodog though.

If you are interested in very easy bonuses, check out The bonus took me all of 3 days without even trying. If you decide to do it, feel free to use the link on my page. It's the banner near the bottom of my page, as opposed to the VPP banner up top.