Thursday, October 28, 2004

All in? Screw that.

No movie quote today, I have a little bit of info to blog about.

Firstly I have noticed that Fantasy NFL is a favourite among other bloggers. I don't really know how this works, but if you have to pick a punter for these things, I have an inside scoup for you. Darren Bennett, the former Australian Rules player who now plays for the Vikings I think owns a shit load of punting records in the NFL. Just yesterday, a guy by the name of Ben Graham signed as a free agent to the Jets. This guy is 6'6", and can kick an Aussie Rules ball 80 metres - thats just under 90 yards. 90 yards, that's just under the length of your small football field. The big left legger can also tackle like a line backer, although he serverly lacks aggression for somebody his size. All I'm saying is he is a longer and more accurate kick than Darren Bennett, and look what he did?

On to poker, have a look at this run last night. As the massive chip leader in an SNG, it was down to three and already in the money, the shortest stack, about 1.5BB posted the big blind. I had the Hammer, but screw it I have 25BB+, and as the small blind I couldn't let him make a steal, I had to put him in the push or fold stage. He pushed, with 83o. So on this one, I am a 38% underdog. He won with the 8 kicker would you beleive. So he doubled up, big deal. Then the following happens:

AJ - I force him all in, he calls with AT, gets a T on the river (69% to 22%)
T4, limp and see flop of T64, push him all in, he calls with QT and hits the Q on the river (after flop, 71% to 25%)
KJh - push him all in pre-flop with 86o, makes the straight on the turn (65% to 33%)
T9c put me all in and he shows 56h, flops the flush (61% to 36%).

Man I was shitty about that. Then, in another SNG with 20 people, I was keen to go. My strategy is to usually start slowly and wait for my moment to strike. Well, in the very first hand I was dealt the rockets, so I had to make a play. With 4 callers in front of me, I made a decent sized raise, happy with the pot already. Would you beleive it, the next person re-raised all in, and got 2 callers. Hell yes, what else can I do but call? One guy had KTs, and the board showed 279J8 rainbow. I was not happy (81% to 18% pre-flop, 89% to 10% post flop, 90% to 10% after the turn just vs this guy, not including the other 3 hands.) Don't know what all the otehr players had, because they mucked but I guess all the other aces were in their hands. I was not happy, as my $2.50 was wasted on the first hand. Then a glimmer of hope...

I had a look at Pacific Poker, and they have a fantastic deal running at the moment, invite a friend and if they make a deposit before Sunday, they get $50 free and I get $150 free! I sent the offer to a few guys from the live games and they loved it, and I decided to follow in JW's foot steps and offer them an extra $50 if they signed up. One guy already has and I am proud to say as soon as my Rockets were beaten, the $150 dropped into my account. So I anybody else is interested then drop me a line very quickly and th esame deal will go for you.


" M " said...

You should try
Good money to be made there.

DuggleBogey said...

I just signed up with Pacific Poker too, on Monday.

The unfortunate part about the $150 deal is you have to wager 20x that amount to withdraw it, so you will have to play $3000 worth to get it out.

I only got $50 in bonus money along with $60 worth of PSO stuff. But I only have to work off $1000 in bonus, which I am halfway through already after completing my 250 hands for PSO.

The good part is you can just use the $150 as bankroll and withdraw your winnings until you've worked off the bonus. It's a good system. Even if you can't withdraw it, you can play poker with it, unlike Party's system that doesn't give you any access to the money until you have the requirements finished.

Heafy said...

I must admit, I looked into the fine print and I missed that little gem. i actually need the referral to play 20x the bonus, so $1000 worth, so i can withdraw my $150. But taking the owrding from it I should be able to withdraw any winnings from that $150 immediatly, so thats ok I guess.