Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Down but not out

Evan : If anyone finds this, it means my plan didn't work and I'm already dead. But if I can somehow go back to the beginning of all of this, I might be able to save her.
"The Butterfly Effect"

Bloody good movie I say, saw it for the first time the other night. If you watch the DVD have a look at the alternate endings, I'm pretty certain they went with the right one.

Well faithful readers, I am now certain that the poker Gods hate me for some reason. I just can not win a bloody hand. At one stage, playing two tables I had pocket Aces at both tables! Here is the result:

TABLE 1: Strong pre-flop raise from middle position. The big blind re-raise all in, and I have to follow. He flips over KK, so now I think I am in a good position - well, slightly better than a coin flip. The flop? KKx. Buh bye!

TABLE 2: Strong pre-flop raise, 3 callers. Flop comes AKJ. One bet, I raise get called. Turn and river are rags, and the other player flips over QT for a flopped straight. Buh bye!

It's amazing how often my hands are playing backwards. If I get AK-AJ, the flop will be six high. If I am dealt 24o and fold, the flop will come 442. When I get sick of folding away the nuts, I try to see a flop with 68o it comes out AJJ. I am lost for words, and very much down on every session. I did manage to place second in a $5 SNG when I lost heads up with A8s to his KJo. What can you do?

My Aloha account is now dry, but to be honest it was going nowhere anyway. I guess I will continue to throw the dice on the free rolls there and try to build it once more. I think Pacific is still over $100, but only just. I am just lost for words (well, obviously not literally as i'm still writing) for how bad and how long this dry spell is going. Even a day with $1 profit would be good at the moment. It's not just that premium starting hands are very rare, but when I do get them they get spanked by shit cards or pay off is miniscule. If the bank roll was to go bust I don't know if I could try to build it again. Oh well, "what can you do"?

I'm still not getting the limit game. It seems impossible to push people off a pot and they hang in for the river (which seems to hit them 80% of the time). This is probably because I am playing the lower limits, but surely I should be seeing some better cards than I am. Perhaps I have over-estimated my own poker skills? Perhaps, as I have only been at it for 3 months really. I guess I should just keep plugging away and see if I can improve.

Not much else to talk about really. Guess it's probably best that I end the post here then.


ArturiusX said...

Limit's tricky, I'm starting to get the hang of it though.

Its definitly harder if not impossible to show hand strength, which means a lot more variance; but I guess we gotta trust the numbers, right?

SirFWALGMan said...

Hang in there! Everyone has bad spells, and some people have them for months! Try and make sure it is not your play. You have not modified your play in bad ways because of the losing streak. You get the idea.

As far as limit goes I love it. There is some amount of variance in there. Where you say "It is hard to show strength when everyone calls you to the river"! These are the people you want to play against! You will make money in the long run. I know it is tough to see. I have been playing for 2-3 months myself. I worked 200 into 1500 in 3 months of ring play. It does pay off. I put my time in at .50/1. Read alot of books. I especially reccomend Small Stakes Holdem. I am now able to play at the 2/4 level. I still get massive suckouts and variance but over time I see the bankroll grow.

You have to keep evaluating your play. SSHE had a slightly different set of pre-flop hands to play than I had seen before and alot more aggression. I think it has helped. I try and play slightly loose on Empire/Party because soooooo many people are going in with A2o that it makes sense to play a little looser.

I wish you the best. Keep your chin up and wait for the good days to come back. One thing I sometimes do when I am running bad is play a table and once I am up even 5BB I just call it a night. It lets you feel good about yourself and can provide a spark.

JW said...

What Sir said. Keep at it man, and make sure you pick up SSHE or WLLHE. Ring is tough, especially coming off of NL play, but it can be a gold mine. You have to remember, that while you still need to protect your hands, that you really don't want those idiots who chase to the river to NOT chase to the river. Variance is a bitch, but in the end, it's what makes you money.