Friday, October 15, 2004

Like Finding Hen's Teeth

Genie : Aw, Al, I'm gettin' kinda fond of you, kid. Not that I wanna pick out curtains or anything.

By far and away my favorite Disney cartoon-movie. In my min this one is right up there with "The Princess Bride" - but I have already clued my thousands of readers into my love of these childhood classics, lets get to poker.

Had another little poke around on the nickel and dime tables last night at Aloha and found something extremely rare for a table of such a low limit - no maniacs. A pre-flop raise of 20 cents got a lot of respect. On times when I limped in and there were no bets post flop, a pot sized bet of 15 cents was enough to take it down. Don't get me wrong, they would bet middle two-pair to the river, but it was enjoyable to not have someone going all in on ace/rag every second hand. I was of course getting horrible treatment, as when I had AQs the flop came 789 rainbow, with a bet and raise in front of me and I was out. Later I had KQ and hit two pair on the turn with two hearts - I tried to scare off the flush chasers with a 50 cent bet but it wasn't enough and two callers came through to hit a Queen high flush on the river each (I folded before the showdown luckily). I did manage to crawl back to above my buy in and then stood up when the MTT free roll started, which as it turns out everyone else did as well. The free roll was equally disgusting to me as after a few levels I had still yet to drag a pot I was dealt Q9 and the flop was JT9, giving me an open ended straight draw. I pushed all in for about 5BB and got one caller, who showed K9 and hit his Queen draw on the river. Not much I could do about that - I mean I hate pushing all in with a drawing hand but such is the nature of these tournaments.

The reason for running around on the micro limit tables for the night was because I don't want to sign up to Pacific until the affiliate program for JW is sorted. I mean, I could use any old bonus code and get 25% on my deposit, but if you don't support a fellow blogger, what are you doing? Everybody loves Iggy's bonus codes, and I used one myself, and I think it is something we should jump on as bloggers. Poker Source Online do make fantastic bonus offers, so if you're going to sign up there you may as well list, say, DuggleBogey as your referral. It's all about sharing the love...And the profits. Yeah, love and profits, that's essential what poker is all about. Well, sometimes without the love. And sometimes without the profits. Never the less, poker is about - something. And it's a good something I think.

Some bloggers claim to ramble on, but only the "WGPBE" is able to turn rambling into an art form. I will take my curtain calls in a few moments.

And to prove that some times life can have a happy ending, with my recent troubles with Absolute Poker trying for the bonus points and failing miserably to even view them, it look like I might have pulled out in front anyway. Even though I missed out for some reason on the deposit bonus to my bank roll, my deposit bonus through Poker Source Online look like it is in the mail - two beautiful (no doubt) decks of KEM cards, a dealer button and a card cut *should* be on their way. I am very excited about this as ever since I learned what KEM cards were, I have wanted a pack. I can not justify spending $60 a deck which is the asking price here in Australia, and besides we can only get the thinner sized cards, not the wide, strong, masculine poker sized decks that I have become accustomed to. But hey, "free" is one of my favorite words. My account page says that the cards are "shipped", meaning I should get a UPS code for them soon. Woo hoo! My back room casino is one step closer.

Speaking of bonus codes (and good blogs), check out
Poker Grub, who is the newest edition to my blog roll on the side there. Gotta love the hammer!

That will have to do for now, there will be no poker play for today as I have a five hour drive ahead of me after work to my girlfriends grandmother's house. I feel like I should be picking off Little Red Riding Hood along the way or something. We have to drive 500 kilometers to get a 68 cm TV for $300 - the fact that any savings we made on the TV will be eaten up by travel costs is irrelevant to my better half, but hey what can I do? Here's a good story to illustrate my point - just today we went back to the real estate agent to renew the lease on our apartment for another 12 months. We had to pay $15 renewal fee (which is crap anyway) and I open my wallet and all I have were two $20 notes. Serena says no problems, she has a ten and a five and that will do. Then she says "I need one of your twenties." Now fellow alpha males, what did I reply with? That's right, I don't just think it, I say it. "No you don't, you just think you need it." Yep, I refused the woman! As I sat there basking in my glory for almost 90 seconds, I then pulled my wallet out and gave her one of the twenties. Even the real estate agent could sympathize with my plight. I was gallant, brave and courageous, but the dragon was just too great to oppose. I won a battle, but still lost the war. Oh well, very often I don't even get to the battle, so this is a win!

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JW said...

LMFAO!!!! Way to "resist" the dragon! ROFL!!!!

Oh man. That made my day!