Wednesday, October 27, 2004

World vs WGPBE

Bethany : Then - I don't mean to sound ungrateful - but what are you doing hanging around?
Jay : We're here to pick up chicks.
Bethany : Excuse me?
Jay : We figure an abortion clinic is a good place to meet loose women. Why else would they be there unless they like to fuck?

Hello folks, how are we all doing? Not much on the poker front happening at the moment. I have lost a few low level SNG with cold cards and bad play. One in particular makes me really angry at myself, when dealt a nice hand like KK and I hit the K on the flop, I slow played the set. Bad decision - could have been worse. There was a flush and a straight on the board by the river, and while my set still stood up I could not really cash in as much as I should have. Eventually it cost me the bubble. No great loss though, a lesson learned and the dent to the bankroll was in single figures so all is well.

The live game hopefully on this Saturday may be moved to my place, to use the new table, chips and Kem cards that I am so desperate to break in. Just hope we get enough people together for it to happen.

Other than that, there is very little going on in the poker world for me at the moment - I think I might have become a weekend warrior when it comes to online poker.

In other non-poker news, in case I have not mentioned it before, I am a video game junky. I just can not grow out of it. My all time favourtie game series is Grand Theft Auto, and as you may be aware GTA5 - San Andreas is due out this week. For some stupid reason, the Australian Government banned GTA3 because you could screw hookers then pound them with a Louisville Slugger and get a refund the hard way. It's just reflecting real life, thats all. Anyway, they had to re-release a censored version that while still ahd the main story line, no longer gave you the option of "relaxation therapists" (nice little Rounders reference there) or just beating up on other people. This was a stupid move from the Australian censorship people, as it can cripple the industry on one of the biggest selling series of all time. Why? Because I, and many others, can order the fully uncut game from New Zealand and have it delivered for abuot $3 more than what it costs to buy it in stores here in Sydney (due to the exchange rate.) I have done this with all three GTA releases for the PS2, and the new one is due later this week/early next week. It is going to be huge! Then Halo 2 is due a few weeks later, and our split level Halo Party's are always a real hit. BBQ, friends, gettign drunk playing video games and even sometimes throwing the cards around a little - it doesn't get any better than that for me.

Since I have not been playing much in the last few days, and the games are still a little way away (But I did just get Tony Hawk Underground 2), I thought I would answer the challenge of a few bloggers out there - whether they issued it or not.

Took me ages to figure out how to do screen capture. How about this blatant rip off...

That will do for now, hope the tables are treating you well (and FOLD that damn hammer!).

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