Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Take me to the river

Captain : All hear this! Increase speed beyond reason!

UPDATE: Rest in peace Jacob Cohen , aka Rodney Dangerfield. Finally, you'll get some respect. My favourite one liner of his?
I have two beautiful kids - thank God my wife cheats on me.

Thanks for sticking around here during my brief absence. I have much to talk about but little actual poker play. This past weekend I travelled back to my home town for a family friend's wedding, where I proceeded to get pole-axed three nights in a row and now I have recovered about 66%. Amazing weekend - Friday night was a quiet night in with my grandfather playing 500 and sampling his home brew. Before I knew it, we had knocked back a clean dozen each. The next day was the wedding, and we all know how they go - I managed to crawl home about 4.30am which was about par for everyone else. Then on the Sunday, fully feeling the affects of the night before we were to go to the father of the bride's place for a recovery BBQ. I thought I would make an appearance, have lunch and maybe one drink then leave by 3pm to get some sleep. Well, when everybody below the age of 40 said they were heading to the club at 9pm, you could bet I was leading the way. At the BBQ we had an amazing time, there is no real way to explain it unless you were there but this happy little Greek fellow was sitting with us telling stories about when he played football and basketball with our fathers, and man did he love his Ouzo. He was putting it away like you wouldn't beleive. Anyway, while telling his stories he had a habbit of taking his cap off and then putting it back on. Before long a whisper started around the circle, and everytime he took his hat off we would all cheer and drink. This went on for 3 hours, and bu then end the entire party (about 50 or so) was into it and cheering and drinking everytime he tok his hat off. He thought he was telling the best stories, and we were laughing so much we were crying. It was just a fantastic day.

On to poker, Aloha have FINALLY given up some love and released some money into my Neteller account, so it is all systems go from here. I thought it over and had a look at the offers at Poker Source but decided that I really want to play at the Party. And as a blogger, I really should enter the code Iggy to be true to this little internet sub-culture that is my home from time to time. I'll get into it tonight and see what happens.

Got another live game going on Saturday night with the same group as before, should be fun. I won't be as worried about my well-being this time and be much more comfortable to play.

I have so many blogs to catch up on since the last time I was online, it is not funny. I think it will take me a good few hours to hammer them all out now. guess it is kinda a blessing in disguise as I have no actual to play to speak about...oh hang on, I did play a 15 minute game with my older brother and Dad but it was a real muck about game, with no folding what so ever. Other than that, all the cards played were 500 or Euchre, which was still fine by me.

On the movie front, I have an opportunity to submit a few scripts to a very well known production company in the next few weeks. What they have asked for (from me and about 100 others, mind you) are young funky scripts so it should bode well for me. I don't expect anything because there will be hundreds of scripts to be considered, so even if one of mine gets read then I consider that a good day. It's a slow process, but hey hopefully there is a pay off in the end.

Have fun people, I hope to see you at the Party soon!

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