Friday, September 10, 2004

The flood is over

Sergeant O'Rourke : Agarn, I don't know why everybody says you're so dumb!
Corporal Agarn : Who says I'm dumb?

Even though that show ended decades before I was born, I still thought it was good.

Just a very short post today as I wish to tell the world that after two weeks of drought on the poker front, I was finally able to quench my thirst. I am not sick of poker by any means, just that I have played solid hours the last few days and the "need" to play has now subsided. Suppressions, my play has never been better. Out of four SNG's last night my finishes were first, first, seventh and first - not a bad effort (if only they were higher stakes!). That means I made more than a dime on the night. Yeah I know, I'm Australian and we don't have dimes but all my winnings are in US currency, so I think it is ok.

At one of the tables it was me and nine Americans, 6 from California. Man, poker must be popular out there (from this sample size of 10). On one hand I had pocket Jacks and when two smaller stacks in front made a modest raise and call, I pushed. They both followed and showed pocket tens and nines to my Jacks. Naturally the nines made a set and took the pot, leaving me with $125, with blinds at $100/$200 it looked like I would be out in 9th. But I was dealt The Puppy again when UTG, and I pushed (well, what else could I do?). With lots of callers, a pair of kings on the flop was enough to put me up to $800. At least I had something to play with now. I plugged away and kept at it, eventually limping into the money in third position. I caught the big stack with his hand in the cookie jar (sorry, I've just read that saying on about 6 different blogs and I was feeling left out) and managed to take a big enough chunk out of him to even things up. I think the other two guys were sick of it by this stage, because they were going all-in on nearly anything. I waited until I had a good enough hand, and found 2 pair on the flop and pushed. Both met me, and I knocked them out at the same time to take home the big money (a nickel - of which 1 cent was my entrance fee). I was pretty happy with that effort and coming from so far behind to win, surrounded by foreigners. Made me feel like an ANZAC even (if you don't know what that means, look it up.).

Later at another SNG, there were 3 other Australians. I was amazed, but happy that it looks like the game is getting more popular down under. This however was the game where I dropped out in seventh. In one of the other games I won, I have to say it was the cards and not me that got me to the money. With about 7 people left, I had pocket 7's which became a full house on the turn - good enough to double up. The very next hand I am dealt A4o, which I thought wasn't good enough to call. But then I remember some body much wiser than me saying that rushes do happen, and when they do you should give yourself every chance of hitting those cards. Play the hand after you win a big pot, they say. I had already clicked the pre-action button to fold, but changed my mind with a nano-second to spare and called. The flop came AA4, and I was pretty happy with that result. Back to back boats - wish I could see that action more often. I was also able to lay down a straight in a three way pot later on, which turned out to be a good move. The other players had a higher straight and a flush so I was well covered. Good move, I was happy with that and didn't feel any anger at throwing away what would usually be a winner. I guess I am improving slowly.

It looks like I will be able to get plenty of play in this weekend, and my first live game for real money is 99% certain for the Saturday after next. Lets home the money keeps flowing my way!

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