Tuesday, September 28, 2004


(Eddie with his pistol walks up to the parrot in its cage)
Eddie : I know what you're thinking, parrot. Your thinking how many shots did i fire back there in Act 2 Scene 1? To be honest in all the excitement of Rik forgetting most of his lines, I've actually kind of forgotten myself. So do you feel lucky, parrot? Go ahead, make my day.
Parrot: You fired six you fat bastard!
Eddie : That's right.
(Eddie fires his pistol repeatedly shooting the parrot to pieces)
Eddie :
But I fucking reloaded!
"Bottom Live: The Big Number Two Tour"

No more poker to speak of since last post, I am still waiting for the money to clear from Aloha over to Neteller. Don't know if it may run into problems with me never having made a deposit into Aloha then trying to withdraw the cash, but anyway we'll wait and see. I haven't recieved an email from either site to say there has been a problem so who knows.

But now I have a new dilemma - where should I invest my new found wealth? The obvious choice is Party Poker where so many other people swim about the waters, but there is more to consider. I signed up with Poker Source Online and had a look at the bonus offers there. here is what they currently have going:

Party Poker - Free 300 11.5 gram chip set

Pacific Poker - WPT Season 1 DVD set

Absolute Poker - Free KEM cards

There are deposit bonus' with all of them - 20% to 40% and so on, and naturally there is the minimum raked hands to qualify for the deals. The dilemma is I already have a great poker chip set, but I could sell the 300 one for about $100 here in Australia - however it would cost me $50 to get it out here. This makes Party Poker the least attractive offer. Pacific and their DVD set could be good, but I don't know if I would watch it all and it is hard to find reviews on it. The KEM cards would be awesome, but I don't know much about Absolute and also their requirements to get the bonus is the hardest to meet. Please post your thoughts below.

Also, again I have to mention
SirFWALGman. After finally being able to put in a few hands into an online odds calculator (here) about when in a 1 cent game two ass clowns bitched and moaned when I called their all in with KJc, and they had 44 and A7. Turns out KJc is actually the favorite of the three, albeit very slim. KJc is 38.23%, A7 is 30.68% and 44 is 30.71%. I naturally assumed that because I was behind pre-flop that I was the underdog, and now I learn that I was in fact holded the best EV hand. this really makes me look at pokcet pairs in a different light. Big props to the good knight SirFWALGman, a true poker theorist.

UPDATE: How hard it is to get money to a bloody poker site? I am trying my hardest to get the money out of Aloha, but now they say I need to make a initial deposit of $25 before I can pull any out. No worries, but they only take VISA and not Mastercard. Ok, we'll go through Neteller - both my creditc cards were declined because the banks don't allow Neteller for some reason. I tried Moneybookers, and they want me to send them a scan of the back and front of my credit card - before it too gets declined I bet. Man, how hard can this be? Online support for Neteller was useless - they just said send an email to customer support. Why is PayPal so easy and everwhere else so difficult? Anybody who can offer help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


JW said...

Nice cash! Hey, if you are thinking of Pacific...PLEASE sign up through the link on my site. You get 20% deposit bonus and I'll throw in $50 extra. What's better than a cash bonus that you don't have to clear? :)

Anonymous said...

Another option you can use is to go throw pary/empire and by what they call a phone card. The phone card company will accept many different forms of deposits, Credit Cards work the best. Then deposit that your Party/Empire account then withdraw that to NetTeller, then you have funds in your NetTeller Account.

I use this method all time and it works great. If you look at Party/Empires Deposit site it is listed as Global Connect or something like that.

Basically it seems like a "sister company" that allows the Online casinos to sell a product taht cant be regulated by US laws, Like the Credit Cards are. Since this Phone Card has a value Party/Empire accept them as payment. It's pretty slick.

P.S. Enjoy your reading blog, keep up the great writing and great play.