Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Here today, tomorrow...

Frank : It's true what they say: Cops and women don't mix. It's like eating a spoonful of Drano, sure it'll clean you out, but it'll leave you hollow inside.
"Naked Gun"

Thanks to everone who responded to the request below for advice on re-buys and add ons. I think they confirm what I already thought but it was good to hear anyway, and some extreme examples to boot.

Last night's poker experience was pretty crap. Firstly, the distractions were present as she got home from work before I did, so all was not well from the get go. Secondly, it seems the structure at Poker Pages has changed slightly, and where before a few of the better paying free rolls were perfectly timed with my schedule, they are now worth a little less and at more akward times. Secondly, the sever at Aloha was down so I couldn't even get over there to have a crack at some more games. I played a few of the SNG at Poker Pages instead, and ended up with one second out of 3, but sadly one of the losses was at the larger limit. I got rivered by a pair of aces to kick me out, but not much you can do there. I was playing solid, and tried to loosen up little bit. From the big blind I was even able to take down a pot with 4 callers and a flop of A J J when I had the hammer. I solid bet of 3BB was enough to scare everyone off, and I was quietly proud of myself that I had the table image to pull it off. I recognised a few of the names at the table, so maybe they have notes on me that are actually working against them.

I don't know why really, but I was very concerned about Aloha being off line. As everyone knows, an online poker site really needs to be "online" in order to be turning a profit. I have already questioned the profitability of Aloha, but since the free rolls pay I will continue to stay there for as long as needed. But if the site goes bust, I guess my entire bank roll of $30 US goes with it. That would be a real heart breaker for me, and I think I will need to start my own telethon if that should happen. "Help save Poker On Film", I'm sure the celebs will be in for that cause. After all, who doesn't want to help the "World's Greatest Poker Blogger Ever". Do you think that statement looses any of its value if I say "WGPBE" instead? Probably not.

I have been inclined lately to extend the amount of starting hands I go with. it's weird, I don't mind seeing a flop with KTo, but shy away from something like 89 suited. A6 looks nice, but not 66. I know that when short handed I have to open up a little, and especially in the SNG where action is needed, but I think my tendancy to only play AA-AJ agressive makes me really pissed when they loose. Hey, we'll keep plugging away to see what works.

Damn, Aloha better be up and running tonight, otherwise I'll loose my mind. I also had another really tragic moment last night when I noticed a MTT for buy in of 30BBPs. At the time, I had a little over 40 but was already enrolled in a 10 point SNG. I tried to get out of the SNG so I could go in the tourny (first place was over 1000 points, or ten dollars in normal language) because there were only 80 people registered to play. Sadly I was not in time and the 10 points were taken from my account before i got to enter the tournament. I didn't place in the money either, and besides by the time I got knocked out the MTT had already started. I was disapointed, as that would have been more fun and of course any finsih in the money would be worth a lot more.

I will be trying out a new site very soon,
Bet365. Another player talked about the site during a game a few weeks back and mentioned that they have $200 free rolls daily. I had a look and the timing of these free rolls works well for me, but they do have over 2000 players in them. Oh well, I might give it a try and see what the competition looks like over there. You'll get my reports on this site as soon as I get a chance to play there. When I read all the other blogs out there, everyone sings the praises of party, empire, pacific and ultimate bet most often. All these sites mean nothing to me, as they require me putting my own hard earned down. Besides the fact that would be against the rules I have put into place for myself, do you know how damn hard it is to deposit into these sites from Australia? Well it's even harder to get the money back out! I don't think Australia will ever catch up to the rest of the poker playing nations. If we ever do, you can guarantee I will be at the front line waving the flag and asking for comments from Dawn Fraser.

True to form I will only add one mroe blog to the roll at the side here at a time. Again I find myself with a few decent ones in the pipeline to be added, and my list seems to be growing at a rate that soon I wont have much time to do anything else but read blogs.

Ok, the very first thing that impressed me about
Sound of a Suckout is Scurvy Dog's own description of the site (as recently pimped on Iggy's):
"Yet another blog about a wanna-be poker player cruising the lower limit waters, improving his fishy game, trying to build a bankroll"

Sounds good to me. Call it like it is! He seems to be on a bit of a run of late, and getting into the satelites, even if he doesn like calling himself a donkey. This is a really good blog to read, really enjoyable. Come on, you gotta love an endorsement like that from the "WGPBE"! Ok, I promise that is the last time I use that acronym. Oh, and I love the "Nice Bluff" comment from his post titled "El Burro". I wonder, I know that means the donkey in spanish, but did he get the idea from that title from Grand Theft Auto? I would have. But then again, here in Oz we don't learn another language unless we really have to. I mean what's the point, we don't share borders with anyone!

Not much else to go on with really. Can't find the New York, New York casino cards at home at the moment. They were the best ones too. I have a small hope that I may be getting some KEM cards for christmas this year, but that is just a fleeting hope. I will try to post again tomorrow with some more good fortunes from the land of the free rolls, so here's to ya!

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