Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Hate the Bubble

Glenn's Buddy: Robbie Hart? I heard what happened to you at your wedding, that was so cold! You must've felt like shit!
Robbie: No it felt real good, thanks for bringing that up, man. Hey, my parents died when I was ten, would you like to talk about that?
Glenn's Buddy: Why would I wanna talk about that?
Robbie: I don't know
”The Wedding Singer”
I may have a little win on the wedding front - it looks like "Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler may just be our bridal waltz song. Very me indeed. So, where was I? Oh yes, that's right...

Ah, variance – how I loath thee.

I was going back through some of my old posts, and I remember the days where nothing goes right, how down I would get and how close I was to giving it all away. The results I’ve been getting at the tables over the last few days have been very similar, but I now have the maturity to solider on. I do not know if this is a good or bad thing yet.

In one Omaha pot-limit game, I limp with 99xx and see a flop of 934 rainbow. Ok, it’s a ragged looking flop, I should win from here but not get paid much. Small stack UTG raises to be all in, and then the second small stack does the same. I have $15, the bet is currently $11 – This should be good. I do the same, go all in and one other guy at the tables calls this. Wow, four people all-in on a 934 rainbow flop. The turn is a Q and the river is a 5. The big stack has A2. At another table I was short stacked and with Aqxx I was all in on a AQx flop. There are two callers, and the larger of the two rivers a Royal Flush. I could have cried.

I was lucky enough though to double up later on after a rebuy when my AA hit an A on the board, then it paired on the turn, doubling through somebody on a flush draw.

I have also decided to head back into Poker Source Online to try to win some more free stuff. The only site I don’t have an account with was Poker Room, so I thought I would give it a go. To clear the bonus I only have to play 400 raked hands – or so I thought. I wish I could blame someone else, but this one is my fault for not reading the fine print properly. You need to get the pot raked by $1 to get the full point for that hand – this means a $10 pot minimum. These don’t happen much at Poker Room at the micro limits I play. Especially because the $25NL table I was on was uber-tight. In one orbit I stole the blinds 6 times as an experiment. Yep, netted myself $4.5 on that one. I don’t think I saw a pot get over $4 very often at all.

I tried two more SNG yesterday, out in 4th on both of them. Was it just coincidence that both times it was the very next hand after the distraction made her moniker more apt that I busted? Finishing on the bubble is so annoying. A lot of work (and folding) goes into getting a decent stack ready to make the money. In both cases, I was chip leader at one stage. The small stacks just kept winning their coin flips time and time again – and then the one time I go all in with AJs it can’t get over 55. What can you do?

I think that has become the new mantra of WGPBE, “What can you do?”. I think this is very well sutied for poker. As we all know, you can do everything right and loose, and do everything wrong and win. What can you do when the Nemo is in MP raises with 56d and hits the straight flush on the flop? What can you do when flopped trips kept getting smacked by back door flush and straight draws? What can you do when you enter into a $20 tournament and then realize 8 hands in that it is limit? Ok, on that last one maybe I am just a dumb ass, but you get my point. Hopefully.

Added a heap of blogs to the list on the side, that should keep me busy at work during the slow times.

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