Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Try

Chon Wang: Why don't I pretend I'm sick, and then you can attack them when they come in?
Roy O'Bannon: Oh, does the sick prisoner routine still work in China? 'Cause here, it's been done to death.
”Shanghai Noon”

My bankroll has been in steady decline since I made my last withdrawal. Nothing drastic, but I session in the black would be great.

I had the pleasure to play in the first Omaha tournament at Noble Poker organised by Scurvy Dog, and congrats to him for taking the prize in it too. I was unlucky and finished just outside the paying top 15 in 50th. Here is the major piece of advice I have to give about the tournament:

1 - The act of initiating hostilities or invasion
2 - The practice or habit of launching attacks.
3 - Hostile or destructive behaviour or actions.

In poker, aggression translates to betting hard when you have a hand and making others pay for their draws.

1 – The act of being a fuck wad, displaying general fuck wad behaviour.
2 – Seeing 100% of flops, capping pre-flop, post flop, turn and river betting with or without hitting.

See the difference kiddies? Yep, we had one or two people at the table I was at who belonged to the second group. I was getting marginal hands and if I wanted to see a flop I knew it would take four bets to do it, which meant I had to wait for a very good hand. When that came along, I would miss the flop totally and be forced to drop it. We had one guy at our table whom displayed premier type 2 behaviours as stated above. He went from first at the table to busted in 3 hands of Limit Omaha. Having a suited King and a triple gut buster straight draw is NOT a good hand. At least I outlasted him. Problem was though, by the time he and the other type 2 personalities exited, the blinds had risen to an uncomfortable level. At one stage Scurvy Dog visited my table and noted “good comeback”, as I had climbed from 60th to 8th. Thing was, I did so by winning one hand. It was the only hand I won for the entire tournament – hi or lo. I won without a showdown on the river when a Queen hit – putting out a flush and a straight, of which I had neither. I did however have a pair of queens in my pocket and was well pot committed by now so I bet, and it was folded around to me. Very interesting. Before long, with two Kings on the flop I had one in my hand plus a flush draw. I had about 3 BB left and was all in before long. I lost to the other King out there when I got out-kicked by his Ace. 50th – which was disappointing but I can put it down to cold cards and tilt after the earlier episode.

I was annoyed that the tournament ended the way it did and also that I let the tournament end the way it did. I was in no mood for more poker on the day and didn’t even hang around for the post-tourny ring games that I was so looking forward to. I did chat with a few bloggers at the tables, but for a supposed “Blogger Tourny” it was very quiet. I think the free roll aspect of it attracted a lot of outsiders, which wasn’t all bad I guess. These leagues are a top idea, and no doubt they will improve as more and more are run.

Besides this, I have had a terrible time at SNG’s lately, busting out on the very first hand in one. Shocking play, with QQ I raised it pre-flop 5BB, and got two callers. Flop comes all under cards, 789. The small blind makes a min raise, so I make a bigger one and he re-raises me. Of course warning bells should have sounded, but in my mind I wanted him to have TPTK. I pushed, he called and showed T6 for the flopped straight. Yeah, that was shit. Out on the first hand and with my head hanging low, I shut down for the night.

The distraction was in full force too, so I guess I can blame that. Yeah, I’ll blame that.

Good news is I am having a crack at building a poker table this weekend. I have read heaps of the plans online and have adapted them to what I want. Since I work in the plywood industry, that part of the table will be super cheap. Also, by coincidence a local fabric shop was having a massive sale on Monday and I got the vinyl and “Zara Suede” at discounted prices. I’m using a black suede for the table top as I couldn’t find decent felt and some other online plans had excellent results with suede. The rail will be bright red – I would have preferred other colours but the selection was rather limited. So far the most expensive part has been the foam for the rail – as I selected some high density foam at 100mm thick (about 4 inches). A bit of over kill perhaps, but it should be worth it in the end. I will make a post about the table next week provided the construction this weekend goes ahead as planned.


DuggleBogey said...

Good luck with the table. A black top with red rails sounds pretty damn cool to me.

I didn't realize you were talking about a freeroll. I heard it put best a while ago "Freerolls will fuck with your mind."

Australia fricking rules. I'm so glad you use inches to measure stuff, instead of centimeters like uh....everywhere else in the world besides Australia and the US. When you describe something I don't have to do a math problem in my head.

Heafy said...

"Australia fricking rules" = true.
"I'm so glad you use inches to measure stuff" = false. I just used it to help my American friends.