Thursday, March 03, 2005

Never Say Die

Willie Mays Hayes: What the hell league you been playing in?
Rick Vaughn: California Penal...
Willie Mays Hayes: Never heard of it. How'd you end up playing there?
Rick Vaughn: Stole a car.
”Major League”

I don’t care how many people thought that was a bad movie, when I saw it back in the early 90’s I thought it was great and that child like enthusiasm has yet to wane.

Had another good session last night, placed 2nd twice in the two $10 SNG I played. In the second one, with 5 people left I was down to 600 with 200/400 blinds left. The player in 4th had doubled up twice thanks to a lucky call and a folded BB to him that I wasn’t too happy about. I just said to myself “I will win this. There is no way I’m going out in 4th or 5th.” I have to admit I did get lucky with A2o hitting two pair on an all in to beat A5o – it’s those coin flips that you need. I did manage to knock out 4th to get in the money and then lost when my ATd was out drawn by A7o. I was happy with the result regardless.

I sat down at a $1/$2 Omaha table as I like to do, and within 4 hands the table broke with me up a whole $3. I wasn’t happy with that and there didn’t look like any other 6 max tables available at the time so it was off to the $25NL tables again.

Many other bloggers have already commented on the reduced blinds at Party. I thought it was weird, and since I really only play these tables to double up once and clear the bonus I have going, I was disappointed. Often 4 limpers to a pot will fold to one bet post flop. Not only does this mean the winner is now taking 75c instead of $1.40 they would have taken, it also means the hand doesn’t count for a raked pot. I know, you shouldn’t be playing these tables to clear a bonus, but I have only just started to beat them, I feel I have to. Besides, it’s working for now anyway.

I managed to double up with KQ on a flop of KQx. After some pre-flop raises, UTG bets $5, LP calls and I went all in for $15. Got UTG to call with AK which was what I hoped he had. Of course, KK would have knocked me on my ass, but he would have raised that one more pre-flop methinks.

I made the fatal mistake of looking at the cashier screen after this. My balance was $599.60. Damn it, all I needed was another 40 cents to break that magical $600 mark. I pressed on and tried to get there, but dropped another $10 in the process. It was getting late so I let it slide this time, leave that milestone for another day.

I have added the excellent blog of Chris Halverson to the blogroll on the side there. It really is a well written blog and very popular already amongst our little community. I’d be surprised if anyone is reading “Poker On Film” and not his blog, but it is added to the side there more so it becomes part of my blog reading too.

I feel the need for some live game action. I was reading on a local poker forum about the free poker room here in Sydney, and how they had some problems last week with one player accusing another two players of team betting. The officials didn’t back up the complainer and he cried foul, complaining in a public forum over how badly the club was being run. The club responded, and shed some more light on the subject and to cut a long story short, it seems all parties are happy now. My point here is I was very impressed in how the Sydney poker community is travelling. These guys run this club without profit (no rake or seat charges, as a gambling license would be impossible) and put in a heap of time. I only wish I had the bank roll to play at their limits – what with $500 buy in tournaments and what not. That and the place is all the way into the city with no parking no doubt. Have to try to organise another home game very soon I say.

I wish I had some more interesting stuff to blog about, but I am just grinding away at the moment. Still climbing slowly, I haven’t had a down session in a while (touch wood), really enjoying it at the moment.


Richard said...

I haven't played the new $25NL yet, but consensus is at 2+2 that the change benefits good players. I think.

By The Way - always punish limpers (unless you have a legit multi-way drawing hand like a low pair, or suited connectors). Seriously, once people chuck 1 big blind in, they'll usually call for two or three and then fold the flop when they miss.

DuggleBogey said...

A2 vs A5 isn't really a coint toss, you're fairly dominated.

But it is more likely you'll split, so it's not that bad of a beat.

Nice comeback.