Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Bad Beat Story Ever

Gryphon: They come, your highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our own.
Oreius: Numbers do not win a battle.
Peter Pevensie: No... but I bet they help.

I had to leave a SNG last night when we were down to the final 3 to make a 6.30 show of that movie above - which we missed and then hung around for the 8.30pm. It was good that I now have 3 in a row money finishes, but bad that I had to let this one go. I presume I finished 3rd, but you never know!

Here is a post from a forum I frequent, over at . Funnily enough, it is a poker forum for Australia and New Zealand players. Currently the Aussie Millions tournament is on in Melbourne, and a forum poster by the name of Yoyo had this little story to tell. I know none of the people involved, but it made me giggle so I thought I would share it.

I was having dinner with Mark Vos and his Swede friends last night (including winner of Speed Poker Ray Sanchez, or 'Dr. Clueless' as his friend Phil likes to call him).

After hearing about one of Vos' bad beats, Phil said:

No, this is a bad beat: I was playing blackjack last night alone with the dealer and betting $1000 a box when a lady comes up and starts complaining to me how she lost $500 that night, how nothing was going her way, how the world hates her, etc., etc. - she asked if she could bet $500 behind me to recoup her losses as I was on a roll. I say 'Ok'. So as she's betting, I change my bet to $50. I'm dealt 19 and the dealer has a 6. I go to the lady, "Can I double?" She screams "NOOOO!!" - so I say, "Ok, well I'll just hit then!" I bust of course and she goes away in shock.

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Peter said...

After a pretty bad run of cards over at VC, I've now been playing no limit texas holdem poker over at Littlewoods instead. I have since had a really good run and the standard of play seems much higher - even though I've managed to make 3 MTT final tables in a row now :-D That said, I did get lucky the 3rd tournament - but hey ho.

But yea, generally speaking the cards at LW are coming down as you'd hope (or expect, rather) that they would so it makes it a good place to play poker.