Friday, January 20, 2006

Live From The Shopping Cart

Luke: No regrets, that's my motto. Well... that and everyone Wang Chung tonight.
”Out Cold”

Yesterday was a bit of a hell day for me. I didn’t play any poker the night before, as I wanted to get to bed extra early, as I had a tonne of stuff to do at work and I wanted to get in early for it.

The Distraction though, she also had a similar problem. She had this big important meeting on in the morning, and had to leave earlier than me.

On her way to work, she calls me on the house phone and informs me that she has taken my car to work today, because hers had a puncture. So great, I got up extra early just so I could change a tyre. What fun it was too first thing in the morning.

So anyways, when I get home, there is no way I am passing up another night poker free. I decide to hop on to Full Tilt and see what is happening. The $10 + $1 in starting in less than 1 minute, so why the hell not?

And who should be sitting two seats to my right, but none other than the homeless hero himself Mr. Subliminal! Apparantly the cops found his stolen shopping cart, which was good for him.

And how did we fare? Out of 146 players I finished 27th and I think Mr. S was about 24th. Both of us made the final 3 tables, but only the final two got paid.

I had a lot of mediocre hands early on – the type you rare tempted to limp with but need to hit to make them worth while, and I was up and down because of it. Mr S looked like he was playing much tighter, and I think I saw him double up at least twice with pocket kings.

When it got down to the last 3 tables, I think 95% of the field was in push or fold mode. My peak was at $3200 for the entire tournament, so I needed some luck to go farther. I ended my run with KJo vs 44. Hey, I only had 6 big bets at the time and it was the first picture card I had seen in a while. Mr S suffered a bad suck out to send him to the rail, with AK vs A7, and a 7 on the flop.

While it was good to sit down with another blogger for an hour or so, and one that knew of my Australian preferences, the tourney never really got going for me. I won a coin flip early to keep me alive, but nothing else really came for me. Such is life I guess.

This weekend will be poker free, due to a quick trip away to see the Distractions grandmother. Next week brings Australia day, and with it another home game which is shaping up to be a beauty.

I am taking more care in documenting my live results this year. Last year, there was a stage when I couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t come home up for the night. Now that I am recording results, I’m sure this trend will cease.


Mr Subliminal said...

It was fun playing together. Luckily the silly galah who busted me didn't know what a "bloody drongo" is, otherwise I wouldn't have called him that. I would've loved to have limped in more often, but I also was really card dead which gave the impression of being tight.

Till next time...

skitch said...

I love how you call your wife "The Distraction." That's what they definitely are... wait until you procreate. With a child, it won't just be Distraction x 2, it'll be Distraction Squared.

What's your SN on Full Tilt? Keep an eye out for skitch78 and let's run over some of these nickel tables!!! :)