Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Best Banner Since Yesterday

Archibald Cunningham: Love is a dung hill, Betty, and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow.
”Rob Roy”

My moment of glory has passed already. About 5 minutes after I posted the new banner atop this here blog, ”High On Poker” emailed me with a better one. So there it lays. I tried to improve upon it, and even though I liked the improvements, they really didn’t look better with the background of the blog.

So last night I made the money on 2 out of 2 SNG’s. No wins, but it was good to get ITM back to back which hasn’t happened for far too long. The first was a 2 table $5 (finished 2nd) and the second was a single table $10 (finished 3rd).

The $5 table had many a $5 pro on it, and sadly one of them pulled out the win over me heads up. They were being an ass when they lost hands, which was all due to luck of course as they would never loose any other way.

Ok, here is lessen number one. We call certain situations in poker “coin flips” for a reason. The chances of either hand winning are pretty close to equal, which means the win could go either way. When you loose a coin flip, you can’t berate your opponent.

Lesson number two, and this comes from Phil Hellmuth himself. Say what you will about his antics, you can’t deny the man knows his poker – ok, so he is an ass, but he is an ass that knows poker.

At this year World Series main event, he said something very basic that obviously most people don’t understand. I’m paraphrasing here, but it was along the lines of “He was in front when all the money went in, so you can’t call it a bad beat”. There, how simple is that?

I didn’t buy into the debate at the table though, and decided to go the other way and ham it up. I’m sure that pisses people off even more, which is great!

Unfortunately, when we got heads up he just hit the flop a lot harder than I did, eventually hitting the wheel on the river that also gave me two pair. Oh well, such is life. I still made a profit on the game.

So the WPBT is finally on a time and day I can play…and what happens? The Distraction books us in for a weekend trip away to her Grandmother’s. Damn it, this is just getting ridiculous. I guess there isn’t much you can do about that though.

It does look like another home game is on the cards for next Wednesday, with at least 6 confirmed runners already. Playing the day before a public holiday is a bit of a tradition. It also happens to be the wedding anniversary of one of the players, but that didn’t stop him last year so why should it this year?


TripJax said...

I dig it...

HighOnPoker said...

I told you the brown/yellow would pop! Looks great!