Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poker On Film In Print ...Sort Of

No quote for this post, but check this out...

That is from page 20 of the Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 24th January 2006. The little rip-off of the 30 Facts about Chuck Norris got a quick mention in one of the most respected papers in Australia. What is better still is even though Boonie himself "didn't want to see it", he is obviously aware that it exists.

What is so special about that? Well my friends, that very list of 30 Facts About Boonie was penned by yours truly - first viewed right here on Poker On Film.

Even though the newspaper article makes no mention of the highly important fact (I know how to make the text appear italic, but there is no button to make the text appear sarcastic, so I'm just going to assume you understand that anyway) that the list was first published right here - how awesome is that?

I found the online version of the paper when I was looking through google for reasons why my hit stats have quadrupled in the last few days. I thought it was pretty weird that it came up on a SHM site, so I emailed the writers to see where it came from. Turns out it was a forward email from another journo.

So if you have come here from searching for the complete 30 facts about Boonie, click on one of the banners on the side and deposit money into Full Tilt Poker so I can get some affiliate money, and then go look in the archives for 30 facts about Boonie.

It is sad in a way how much of a lift this gave me just now.

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huma said...

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